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I live for the day when Isabel includes the meteor storm prediction in her daily announcements!

This event gives players a reason to keep playing the game, even though Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters are closed for the day. It also gives you the chance to share this special phenomenon with your friends.

One of my favorite memories when I first played New Horizons was visiting new friends I had made online, going to their islands and taking pictures of us all together while enjoying the beauty of the sky…..

Let’s take a look at some of the best creations I’ve found from players who have transformed parts of their islands into a starry world fit for this magical event!

20. Stargazer Court

Image source by @birbsnest / @ac.customdesigns

If you have a little space next to a rustic house (or even your own), there’s a quaint little gazebo.

This design gets a bonus for the beautiful ocean and open sky views!

The natural stone driveway leading to this area and the hedge fence have a nice natural look.

This area can also be used as a small sitting area for the day, with a hammock and sofa.

19. Camping under the stars

image source from @wysteria.isle

The best place to see meteor showers, or in this case the northern lights, is on the highest level of your island.

I love the simplicity of this area.

This small campsite is a pleasant and comfortable place to spend hours admiring the fleeting colours of the sky and watching shooting stars.

The light comes even less frequently than meteor showers. So why not create a comfortable place to watch while you wait?

18. Psychiatric closet

Sailor Statue Source09

I see in your future… lots of bells and whistles and friends with her!

If you want to add a mystical touch to your island, find a paranormal cabin that doesn’t take up much space.

You can read your tarot cards, predict your future and enjoy breathtaking views of the moon in the distance. The images of the constellations on each page are very nice, and it can be a fun daily challenge to figure out where the villagers can view the constellations through the telescope.

If you look closely, you can just see the little bear!

17. foreigners are welcome

Image source by qr-class

E.T. fans can search for their favorite alien.

These common alien propaganda papers are hilarious and are great props to anyone trying to convince their fellow man that we are not alone on this planet.

Though there is one who will be there for you if you dish them out. *cough* Octavian *cough*

An absolutely perfect spot on the cliff to observe the moon in its many phases.

Maybe then they’ll stop sneaking into our TVs at 3:33 every Saturday morning …..

16. Stargazing and picnicking

Image source by @isle_clementine

What a romantic installation!

Sparkling stars and snacks on a flowery rock.

I am so jealous of the all-in this player had to get from Saara. It fits well with an assortment of different types of white flowers on the rock, among well pruned trees.

My favorite in this area has to be the side slope; a natural lift to heaven!

Surrounded by comfortable objects like your favorite book and your best telescope, who wouldn’t want an observation room like that?

15. Observatory Bridge

image source by Opsis13

This player not only built his own little observatory, but he also managed to create an improvised bridge with his own skills!

I’m incredibly impressed with how they managed to add depth to the flat floor, making it feel like you’re walking on a handmade platform.

The starburst fragment and the moon tinker are also very well placed here.

The fact that the UFO appears in the distance directly in the path of the telescope beam gives it a wonderful atmosphere of discovery.

The best part is that this pattern can be used at any time of the year.

Just bring some good friends and hot drinks to sit down together and have a deep conversation about the universe!

14. Falling stars on the beach

image source by jhsbum

There are so many different ways to set up a spot on your beach to look for planets, I could almost make a whole new list for it.

But this one in particular shows cute and easy places where you can share a picnic with your best friend, and share a telescope!

I like that this user decided to design the area around a color. The yellow color harmonizes well with the coconut palms in the background, and the fragments of stars are placed very naturally.

That’s all I can… Oh, my God, is that Stary in the sand?!

I’m going back to see if anyone washed up on my beach. ….

13. Private Star Island

Image source by @kimochi_crossing / @silvi_island

For introverts, it’s possible to have your own private observation point with the island….. on your island!

It’s the same base camp, you just have to go a little further with your terraforming skills.

This player has plenty of room for the essentials, including his trusty telescope.

Maybe it’s just me, but I love the weeds on the outer remains of the property. This leads me to believe that this player grew them wild on purpose.

And it’s also a great place to fish while you wait for the big light show in the sky!

12. Moonwalk

Image source: @tinyst0ner.acnh

What a perfect design to look up at the big rock in the sky that controls the tides around our island.

Everything in this stargazing space was created with a specific purpose and fits perfectly with the mix of blue and white.

I love all the DIY stars that light up the night here, and the way they blend into the night sky.

I always welcome custom designs, such as rock moon formations on the ground, as well as butterfly designs on the side that bring us even closer to nature!

A place to enjoy all that the earth has given us, including the night views. All of these ideas really put this model on this list!

11. Special board Stargazer

Sassafrasloth image source.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an Aries like me or a Virgo like our favorite shooting star Celeste.

Either way, with this idea you can harness the power of any zodiac sign and get a spectacular meteor shower!

The round lamp posts are a nice accent in this area because they draw attention to each of the figures. The fountain in the middle is also a good focal point.

If you manage to make each of the Zodiac furniture, you can add the corresponding icon to any of them and it will be even more stunning.

10. Stars and space exploration Field

image source by @l0rfie

This design makes excellent use of one of the many swing platforms on your beach.

With star fragments, a few craft supplies and space-related objects, you can turn this ordinary quarry into a small research center!

It is perfect for daytime research and stargazing at night.

I think Neil Armstrong would totally approve.

9. Star Room

image source @emloves_el

An outdoor seating area with a cool vibe and a touch of nature-inspired furniture is a great way to take advantage of an open plot of land that you can have anywhere on your island.

And the attractive, individual floor pattern makes sense here.

The level of detail here is just impressive. From space chair cushions to star-studded placemats, it can’t go unnoticed.

The two giant wings of the Queen Alexandra guarding the entrance give the impression of an exclusive lounge where only real astronomy enthusiasts are admitted.

Did I mention the secret waterfall?

8. Heavenly Rainbow Garden

image source by join_for_avac

What a beautiful area.

All the colors come together to create a beautiful garden with a panoramic terrace in this ACNH island space.

Not only will you find all kinds of DIY moon shades and star fragments, but the placement of all kinds of flowers and butterflies in different shades completes this design.

The flowers even mark the edges of the rock beautifully, as do the trees.

All the time and effort you put into building your huge collection of star clippings and customization kits is finally paying off!

7. Airlift

Image Source by Cosmosaro

Look at this beautiful bridge! Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Not only is it a great idea with a space theme for the entrance, but it can also serve as a viewing platform when the sky is clear.

The custom routing on the land bridge itself is a must for any aerial enthusiast!

What really appeals to me are the two moon islands on either side, with the zodiac motif at the bottom! The area is also elevated by stepped waterfalls.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the entrance to Celeste’s house looked like this.

6. Pretty pink for the planets

Image source by @xsummerset_crossingx

What a wonderful resting place to find your favorite constellations.

Honestly, I was years old today when I discovered you could plant flowers on the beach.

The brilliant color coordination creates a space unique to the player and, frankly, sparkles with joy.

From the tents to the individual patches on the rocks that look like chalk drawings, the charm that all these elements have deserves to be recognized!

5. Sternberg

image source by @PrettyNPastel

I can’t even imagine how long it took to organize all those stones on the mountain!

The arrangement of these white hyacinths is very beautiful. And the fragments of stars, placed on their own natural bases, give this idea a kind of altar.

I wonder if I can use it to increase the frequency of meteor showers on my island.

I need another piece of fish….

4. Crescent Lake/Moon View Platform

Image source: @txhaa_

Not only is it a place of amazing terraforming, but it is also a place where you can harness the energy of the moon and become one with the sky!

The whole area exudes an enormous sense of nature, with all those blue and purple flowers surrounded by pine trees.

And if you look straight ahead, you should have a clear view of shooting stars!

You can even use the space during the day for yoga with your favorite fellow villagers and for quiet contemplation.

3. Exploration of the Moon

Image source: sun83

Buzz Aldrin once said that the sky is not the limit because there are footprints on the moon…. and he did!

Well, now you can make your own prints on the moon by bringing them to your island.

This player has turned a large part of his island into a moon, with astronauts, a satellite and some exploration tables.

The rock and crater structures on the ground look so realistic that an alien who unknowingly crashed here would feel right at home.

2. Celeste’s office

Image Source TankBoyRoger

Our favorite astrologer can now have his own private office, on your own island.

With a cozy fireplace, a cobbled together pink star with moonlight to match her outfit, and lots of astronomy books, maybe Celeste should consider going to your island more often.

I love the academic aspect of this piece. I mean, with all the tools to observe meteor showers and record patterns, it really feels like a private office.

It also seems to fit Celeste’s personality perfectly.

1. Stairway to Heaven

Image source by @mizerland.acnh

Everything about this area allows me to remove all the boxes.

The color coordination between the paint, furniture and crafts is phenomenal.

The northern lights show is really out of this world!

And the water looks like it’s made of stardust. Every element is just beautiful.

The creativity of the ACNH players is almost boundless.

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