8 best Wi-Fi advertising software to market your brand cleverly

Wi-Fi broadcasts and locates wireless access points (APs) and allows mobile devices to connect to the Internet over a wireless local area network (WLAN). It allows wireless devices to connect to the Internet without using an Ethernet cable.  Using Wi-Fi instead of Ethernet can provide a number of advantages. For example, a wireless connection can often provide a faster connection, and allow more devices to share the same network.

Some many years ago, before wireless Internet became mainstream, we used to have to be connected to a physical network cable to access the internet. It was a huge hassle if you were moving from place to place and your connection was not reliable enough. Fast forward to today, and we’ve gone wireless. Our phones, tablets, laptops, and all of our other devices are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, which is much more reliable and faster than a wired connection. But with all of the access we have to the web, we still have to sit and watch an advertisement before accessing a website we want to go to. Wi-Fi adware is a very good business to be in and is a great way to make money in your spare

3. Parbu

This Wi-Fi advertising software provides intelligent targeting with high impact.

The benefits of using Parbou include targeting specific segments such as location, age and gender, allowing you to reach customers close to the point of sale.

Characteristics include:

  • Advertising that allows you to maximize the impact of your campaigns by leveraging mobile, local and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Easy access via smart devices once people are connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Real-time reporting, so you can view the status and reports of your ad campaigns in real time and optimize or adjust them accordingly.
  • Intelligent targeting based on location, gender and age according to your needs.
  • Wi-Fi marketing to promote physical locations offline and reach customers on the go once they connect to your Wi-Fi.
  • Hyper Local, so you can advertise locally and the ad is relevant to the area you are advertising in.
  • Budgeting helps you control your advertising costs by setting your own lifetime budget.
  • High click-through rates based on highly targeted and responsive ads delivered to your audience anywhere on your site, as well as a bidding system to achieve the highest revenue per click.
  • Monetization of Wi-Fi by the ad network
  • Integration with any social systems or Wi-Fi hotspots you currently use
  • Multiple ad formats to choose from, including website visits, app downloads, coupons and video views, to ensure the highest click-through rates per ad served.

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4. WiFiAdz

If you want to know more about your customers or promote your brand and make money, WiFiAdz is your friend.

With this Wi-Fi advertising software, you can make your customers more engaged, loyal and satisfied, whether you run a small establishment or a large, high-traffic one.

Here are some of the benefits of using WiFiAdz:

  • Connect to a free Wi-Fi connection and deliver high-quality content tailored to your business and customers by promoting your own brand, increasing user engagement, performing advanced user analytics and integrating social media.
  • Earn revenue from Wi-Fi by joining the WiFiAdz media network as a member, opening your Wi-Fi to advertisers and earning money.
  • Free promotional Wi-Fi for your customers while advertisers deliver personalized content.
  • New media spaces for advertisers, revenue streams, visitor data analysis, and you can build and promote your brand.
  • Easy to use, you can customize your hotspot screensaver with your logo, background and brand name and they automatically prepare a responsive version for all devices and resolutions.
  • Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter increases the number of fans and followers on your pages as they read and share the content of your feeds.
  • Valuable information through responsive banners, surveys and suggestions that you send as feedback to your customers.
  • WiFiAdz is a cloud-based dashboard platform for brand, campaign and hotspot tracking and management, cash flow monitoring and user analytics.

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5. WiFi Garden

As the name suggests, this Wi-Fi advertising software offers many benefits for your brand and your customers.

It is specifically designed for Wi-Fi advertising and offers features such as:

  • Cloud-based technology that does not block applications or interrupt your browser to display ads, ensuring an ideal user experience.
  • Quick and easy installation, no technical knowledge required.
  • Affordable, clear and transparent prices, regardless of the size of your network.
  • You can create and/or select banners from templates, with the ability to choose full screen, in-page, pop-up or other banner types.
  • A social list feature that also allows you to promote your social pages and reach out to your audience to get likes and followers.
  • Manage your campaigns from anywhere
  • Statistics, so you always know how your campaigns are performing.
  • A simple and intuitive ad management tool that lets you publish perfect campaigns, even if you’ve never tried it before.

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6. HotspotRx

This Wi-Fi advertising software presents itself as a prescribed solution to use Wi-Fi access points as a marketing tool.

With this software, you can create your own free Wi-Fi advertising network or use the HotspotRx network to capture your audience with targeted marketing and get instant feedback and leads.

The features that make it the best software for Wi-Fi advertising are:

  • Custom microsite support system using templates or customized to your needs with easy download and immediate publication.
  • Cloud-based advertising program management
  • Unlimited users and sites
  • Bring your own bandwidth (BYOB)
  • Advanced custom uniformity tracking
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Wired and cellular LAN support

HotspotRx is an Application as a Service (AaaS) hotspot management system that provides Wi-Fi access points in your facilities with a range of physical hardware devices.

Each spot acts as a personalized portal where you can place targeted ads for your users and track their activity. You will receive immediate feedback.

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7. GoZone WiFi

With GoZone WiFi, your guests can easily connect to the network without your staff having to spend a lot of time assigning passwords, some of which are generated daily.

Here are some of the features of this Wi-Fi advertising software:

  • Secure and reliable connection with password-less Smart Wi-Fi
  • A personalized sign-up screen where you can promote your brand and personalize your message.
  • Social connection refers customers to your social media pages
  • A tool to send surveys, promotional offers, coupons, newsletters and more.
  • Automated marketing with automatic list building for email and social subscribers, then sync with MailChimp or other automated intelligent email systems for consistent messaging and marketing.
  • A powerful dashboard with information on customer demographics and campaign performance.
  • Increase customer loyalty by intelligently tracking each return visit or scheduling special offers.
  • Smart Wi-Fi security for your network that separates guest Wi-Fi from your company’s point of sale.

GoZone WiFi

8. CaptiveXS

This Wi-Fi advertising software is designed to provide a secure and engaging Wi-Fi experience by integrating all essential Wi-Fi services into a single platform managed in the cloud with the CaptiveXS solution.

The main features of this software are as follows:

  • Cloud-based dashboard showing all functions and configurations performed with this instrument, as well as one-click viewable analysis reports and log downloads for each object.
  • User management to control bandwidth speed for all connected users with custom landing page and session duration for each user.
  • In-depth analytics with user and demographic data, user IP, device type and browser type. You will get detailed information such as the number of connections and sessions per day or per week, most visited pages, clicks, CTR, etc.
  • Content filtering for web safety, including categories, domains and URLs that allow you to block inappropriate content for your sites, e.g. B. Pornographic sites or high bandwidth sites.
  • In-browser content insertion, which allows institutions to insert promoted content or advertising on all web pages that users visit over your Wi-Fi.
  • A captive portal with social login options that allows you to collect information about your users that you can use to target end users in real time. You can also make money with videos and banner ads.

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What you can achieve with the best Wi-Fi advertising software

Gartner Inc. predicts there will be 25 billion connected objects in use by 2020. In 2015, the figure was as high as 4.9 billion.

This only confirms the fact that mobile technology will be with us for a long time to come, and that connectivity options will become increasingly personalized and diverse over time.

Here are some of the amazing things you can do with Wi-Fi advertising software:

  • Gather demographic data, buying habits and purchases of your target customers and use this data to approach them more effectively.
  • Turn visitors into buyers and repeat customers
  • Enhance the in-store experience by offering additional platforms to interact with your brand – Wi-Fi is an additional reason for them to stay and shop in your store.
  • Use of beacons to notify customers of sales by detecting store location.
  • Offer loyalty rewards to returning customers via mobile devices.
  • Create a consistent, cross-channel customer experience
  • Personalize your sales to keep customers coming back.
  • Help customers navigate through the store to find desired items based on their purchase history.
  • Improving stock management and tracking
  • Expansion of the customer relationship management database

Have you already chosen one of these programs to promote Wi-Fi for your brand? Let us know your preference in the comment box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best software for making ads?

As a marketer, you may find yourself faced with the task of creating ads for your product. Companies use a myriad of different software to create ads, including those that are internet-based, those that are desktop-based, and even those that are mobile-based. Each one of these can have their own advantages and disadvantages, and one may be better than the other for a specific situation. When to use desktop-based software: When you are creating an ad that you want to display on a computer screen, a desktop-based software is ideal. This may be more common for local businesses, as the ads are only displayed to people who are in a physical proximity to the ad. For business owners that want to advertise their services If you make ads, then you know how important it is to have the right software that lets you create the best images and videos that you can. In recent years it has become much easier to make really good ads, thanks to the huge number of apps and tools that are now available. We have gathered together some of the very best tools that you can use to create and edit your own ads, and set you off on the right track. For the purposes of this article, the SUT will be run with the following properties: ~1KB of source input (i.e., the blog post). ~1KB of generated source output (i.e., the blog post intro). ~1GB of RAM.

Which software is used for advertising?

An ad is a short message intended to persuade an audience to take a particular action, such as visiting a website, purchasing a product or service, or recruiting others into a group An advertisement (also called an advertisement, advert, ad, commercial or ad message) is an announcement for something to be promoted or for sale. The advertisement may be made in the form of a manipulative message or a creative presentation of the information, to persuade the viewer or reader to purchase a product or service. What better way to advertise your business but injecting your message into the media already consumed by millions of people daily. In the advent of the decline of print media many businesses and companies turned to the internet and advertising on the internet. An advertorial is a Application software used for advertising is called “Adware”. This application is installed on the user’s device without the user’s knowledge and is not usually visible to the user. Adware can be installed on the user’s device by the user intentionally or by an application that is installed without the user’s knowledge. Adware is the software between you and the advertisements that you see while browsing the Internet. Adware can be used to continually display advertisements, to redirect search results to advertising web sites, to record the user’s search history, and to collect information about the user’s web surfing habits.

How do you make a captive portal for WiFi?

As a network admin, you may have experimented with a captive portal before. If not, a captive portal is a Web page that displays when a user cannot connect to an SSID (wireless network name) from an off-site location. This could be a coffee shop or hotel that uses a wireless router to deliver Internet access to customers. (If you have a cable or DSL modem, this is probably how you connect to the Internet at home.) When the router assigns the user an IP address, it prevents unauthorized users from creating a wireless connection. For example, if you want to access the Internet at Starbucks, you need to have a registered account on their network. This is where the captive portal comes in. A captive portal is a way of restricting access to a wifi network. This can be useful for example in a coffee shop or hotel where the connection is free but you are restricted to browsing a few websites (e.g. the ones the hotel wants you to see). This can be enforced in one of several ways. The simplest is to block all traffic except for the approved websites. This can be done by setting up a DHCP range to block all other traffic and by placing machine readable instructions in the captive portal.

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