Deep Rock Galactic Update 34 – Steam Patch Notes April 22

Ghost Ship Games has released a new update for Deep Rock Galactic – Update 34. We present to you the full patch notes from the 22nd. April.

Deep Rock Galactic Update 34 is now available for download. We don’t know yet if a similar update has been released for Xbox players.

Deep Rock Galactic Update 34


Elite enemies are tougher, faster and more dangerous versions of the standard bugs you already know and love (kill). They have a small chance of turning up in normal missions from level 3 onwards, so consider it a special occasion when you come across one!


New dangers have been discovered in the caves!


In missions with this warning, the chances are high that you will encounter elite opponents.


A tsunami of swarms awaits you in the mines. Bring plenty of pesticides and balls!


The Innovation Committee, appointed by the Executive Committee, sought to answer the following question: What new and unique initiatives can we implement to increase the company’s profit? After many brainstorming sessions, workshops and roadshows, they finally have an answer: Missions with two warnings instead of one!

Gather a team of miners and try to complete this extreme challenge. Prove you’re the toughest miner and regularly eat One Warning missions for breakfast. Rock and stone!

ATTENTION! Double warning missions are considered so difficult that they are excluded from Deep Dive and Assignment.


Are you dissatisfied with the current controller support? Do you think your mining performance would improve if you could set the stock differently? Want to get the most out of your controller experience? We have news for you! With the new option to re-link actions on your controller, you can finally get a unique layout that suits you perfectly.


The way the recordings are made is surprisingly optimized. The result should be a faster response when firing projectiles. And the shells now use much less bandwidth!


You now have the ability to manage different saved game profiles when playing with mods (or for any other reason you choose), so you can get a separate warning that you can’t play with them. This feature was originally planned as part of a larger modem support fix for this update, but we have decided to postpone it and release it separately at a later date. We are planning a more complete and improved solution for integrating mods into the main game and will provide more details as we develop this project. Stay informed!

Message: We discovered an issue with the game profile saving feature just before launch. We have disabled this feature for now, but will re-enable it as soon as we find a solution to this problem.


The guys at R&D have been working hard to improve the balance of weapons, overclocks and mods in the game based on . Here’s the change:

BRT7 Explosive Gun

  • Increased damage from basic weapons
  • The bonus for invalid security was partially transferred to the base weapon.
  • The bonus for security mode off has been reduced slightly.
  • Reduction of penalties for experimental OC patterns
  • The penalty for damage to the Micro Flechettes CB has been changed from a percentage to a fixed value.

OC electromineral BRT7

  • Significantly longer duration of electric shock
  • Reduction of damage limitation
  • Increase of the fine for magazines
  • Extending the life of pipes

Bulldog heavy gun

  • Part of the increased caliber damage bonus has been moved to the base 5 weapon.
  • The damage bonus from the High Velocity Bullets mod has been partially moved to the base 5 weapon.
  • Moved part of the Bullets full point bonus module to base weapons 0.15.
  • significantly increases the likelihood of causing a chain shot OC.
  • Significantly reduced penalty for harmful OC projectiles
  • The ammo bonus of the Six Shooters has been reduced.
  • Reduced fire rate bonus for the six-shooter.
  • Bonus for maximum possible damage increase Homebrew Powder OC
  • Minimal damage possible. Homebrew Powder OC
  • The OP classification of craft powder has changed from clean to balanced.
  • Penalty points for elephant patterns OC patterns have been reduced slightly.

M1000 Classic

  • Increased base weapon damage
  • Reduce the base bonus for damaging a vulnerability.
  • Reducing the module bonus of the Hollow Point bullet.
  • Moved part of the bonus from the quick charge coil module to the base weapon.
  • Move the hardened washers from T4 to T2.
  • Increased range and performance of the Focus Fear mod
  • The OC ammo bonus for minimum clips has been replaced with a % bonus for clip size.
  • Slight reduction in ammo penalties and charge rate for OC Supercooler.
  • Hipster’s OC penalty has been changed from % to flat to allow high damage at certain breakpoints, and the ammo bonus has been slightly increased.
  • The reticle has been modified to improve the sharpness of the shots and the hip.

Deepcore GK2

  • Reduction of the penalty for damage to the electrical charge of the CO and significant extension of the duration of the effect of the electric shock.
  • Reduce the penalty for giving the OP a slot.
  • Slightly enlarged basic pattern

Blaster with experimental charge

  • Some of the mods have been reorganized to offer more interesting choices.
  • Move the reactive shock module to T4.
  • Move the extended plasma burst to T4.
  • Move the mod to T2.
  • Kickback recovery improved a bit (community request, you know who you are)
  • Significant reduction in heat generation when firing loaded cartridges in the base weapon.
  • Slight reduction in the basic rate
  • The list of weapon stats in the equipment terminal has been removed.
  • Added % damage bonus and increased the radius of the Flying Nightmare penalty.
  • The pipe OC now punishes a firearm charge instead of normal shots.
  • The tax deduction for the OC allowance has been reduced from % to a fixed amount.
  • Reduces the OC penalty of the persistent plasma, increases the damage done by the plasma field, and adds a small slowing effect to the field.


  • Increased speed bonus from the improved crate ejector mod
  • Increased the damage of the plasma field of the explosive Farewell mod and added a small slowing effect for all enemies hit by the field.
  • OC Inferno’s ammo trigger has been removed.
  • Reduction of penalty for damage caused by the death of a spider.

Stubby Voltaic SMG

  • Slight reduction in base setback

Stable folding of the OC Tower

  • Increasing the maximum distance between the towers for connecting the arches.
  • Increased arc damage
  • Reinforcement of arc delay
  • Extension of the arc duration
  • The area around the tower where enemies can obtain power has been expanded.
  • Tourette’s Bow now inflicts much less FF damage and no longer slows the player down.

Excessive EM discharge OC

  • Increased damage from landfills
  • Extending the range before the damage begins to fall.
  • Significant reduction in damage caused by own fire
  • Reduction of the penalty for damage caused by the CO
  • Replacing the crippling money with a small fine in the paper.

Subata 120

  • Increases the scatter bonus of a move in the recoil compensator modulator.
  • Reducing the speed of the Tranquilizer penalty shot. Round Table
  • Increases the chances of chain success. – Okay.

Zhukov NUK17

  • Extra bonus for basic weapon weaknesses.
  • Transferred a portion of the ammo bonus from the upgraded T4 ammo pouch modification to the base weapon.
  • Spread the bottom a little.
  • Increased gap reduction with Best Weight Balance mode.
  • The damage malus in OC Custom Casings has been changed to RoF malus.
  • The ability to create a cryogenic OC jet has been improved and the particle system has been slightly reduced in size, which should improve both performance and visibility.

The legal truncheon

  • The T3 anesthetic upgrade has also improved the anesthetic power and further extended the anesthetic duration.
  • In the statistics, the probability of stunning is no longer shown as a value per pellet.
  • Reduced deduction for OK shape bullets and increased accuracy bonus.

Cryogenic gun

  • The bonus of the improved pump module is slightly increased
  • We changed the perfectly tuned OC cooler to a balanced OC cooler, gave it a short charge and pressure release time, and renamed it a tuned cooler.
  • Ice Storm OC now has an extra damage bonus against frozen targets, but has a slightly higher ammo penalty.

CRSPR Flamethrower

  • Increased risk of burns!
  • A portion of the damage bonus from the Unfiltered Fuel module has been transferred to the base weapon.
  • Added bonus ammo and a small penalty for reloading compact OC mags.
  • Increase the Face Melter OC damage and RoF bonuses and replace the speed penalty with a distance penalty and replace the speed penalty with a tank content penalty.

DeepCore PGL

  • Increased the range where damage decay begins and significantly reduced the maximum damage decay.
  • Increased the damage bonus of the HE Compound mod.
  • Reduced ammo bonus from the T2 Expanded Ammo Bags mod.
  • The high velocity grenade module was moved from T2 to T3.
  • Added a little bonus to the Proximity Trigger module for explosion range %.
  • Increased the damage ignition on the OC RJ250 and added a high reload speed bonus and a large % ammo bonus.
  • Premium increase for OC compact ammunition

A minigun, powered by a lead gun turret.

  • Reduces the cooling effect of the mod. Cold as a tomb.
  • Aggressive ventilation now significantly shortens the time it takes to recover from overheating.
  • The platform’s improved stability bonus has been partially transferred to the base weapon.
  • The magnetic cooling module also significantly reduces the delay before cooling begins.
  • Fixed a bug where a small delay between firing and cooldown didn’t actually occur.
  • Reduce basic anesthesia
  • In Stun Duration mode, which has also been renamed Enhanced Stun, the Stun chance bonus has been added and the Stun duration bonus has been increased.
  • Reduction of the basic rotation time and increase of the bonus of the module magnetic bearings. Additionally, the mod now correctly affects the exact duration of the weapon.
  • The ricochet chance has been significantly increased and the maximum ricochet distance for Bullet of Hell OC has been extended a bit.
  • Leadstorm OC no longer disables stun, but only reduces viability, so the enhanced stun mode can now work.

Canon Thunderhead Car

  • Reduced bonus damage in feedback mode.
  • Increased RoF bonus for the improved throttle system.
  • Some of the bonus from the lighter barrel has been transferred to the base weapon.
  • Increased direct damage penalty and slightly reduced distance bonus for the OC Carpet Bomber.
  • The penalties for direct damage and area damage are slightly reduced, the range is increased, and the probability of applying toxin effects to the Newutoroxin cargo OC is increased.
  • Replaced the reload bonus with the Combat Mobility OC’s fire rate increase.

Warthog Auto 120 Shotgun

  • The log bonus of the High Capacity module has been reduced.
  • Bonus very slightly increased Ammo bag modes expanded.

Modernism of the Warthog Tower

  • The cost of ammunition to activate the effect has been reduced.
  • Increased projectile velocity
  • Increased damage
  • Increased damage radius
  • The ammo bonus in OC minishells has been reduced very slightly.
  • The ammo bonus of light mags has been reduced.

Exercise grenade

  • Increased damage
  • Reduction of damage caused by falling
  • Extend the maximum damage area slightly
  • Increasing the number of grenades

  • Error finding a path fixed
  • Fixed a bug when entering the game
  • The fixed advertisement terminal does not always display the selected symbol.
  • The bosco terminal was not properly closed when using the link to the controller.
  • Droppod may land too close to the event machine, preventing the mission from being completed.
  • Bonuses could not be unlocked by pressing the E key
  • Fixes a bug where you could undo the join operation when you couldn’t.
  • Solved the case of a bad connection from the tunnel to the next cave.
  • Fixed an instance where the Escort’s oil can was moved to the beginning of the level when a client with a bad ping picked it up.
  • Fixed a case where you could get extra secondary target items during certain warnings (shield problem).
  • Attempting to secure gunpowder at 0.0.0.
  • Trying to correct a late problem with wearing Bosco jewelry.
  • Tons of small UI changes regarding fonts, spacing and styling.
  • Workpiece adjustment for grating adjustment
  • Adjustment of the sound mix in the dressing room.
  • Improving well placement in refinery operations. Reduced risk of missing a well installation.
  • Reduced scaling of supply requirements based on the number of players in escort missions.
  • The average DPS of fire DoTs was slightly increased and made more consistent.
  • Slowing down the speed at which the player can change direction on the flash.
  • Increasing the base angle of the zipper and bonus for the improvement of the connecting hinge.
  • PGL grenades and bullets from platforming rifles now inherit the character’s speed, making them easier to use when falling or moving at high speeds.
  • Enemies that run and can shoot are more likely to hit players with lightning.
  • The grass now moves as the dwarves walk through it.
  • DX12 is enabled by default. If you have problems with DX12, you can always switch to DX11.
  • Easier translation of a large number of lines
  • Fixed UI issues in the bar control menu, added a frozen UI in the HUD when frozen with the special vortex beer.
  • Minerals mined with explosions now have a proportional force acting on them from a certain distance, so they don’t fall.
  • Stay tuned for the addition of new tickers on the minerals trade.
  • Steeve’s health bar now also shows the name of the Beastmaster player.

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