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Whether they are paid or free, there are many tools and apps available to iOS users today. One of these tools is 3uTool. This is pretty amazing for all iOS users, go through the content below to get a detailed overview.


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What is 3uTool?

This tool is ideal for flashing and jailbreaking iOS devices like Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is essentially provided in three different ways:

  • simple mode
  • Professional mode
  • Multiple flashes

This distinction is made for the flash memory of Apple mobile devices, then choose the appropriate firmware on their own, and it also retains a sharp download speed. You can even download the latest versions of 3uTools, which are also completely free, for Windows PC. Moreover, the whole installation is completely autonomous, a 3uTools installation. It can be used to view and manage all data files on specific iOS devices.

Regardless of its capabilities, 3uTools is an excellent standalone program, with the aggregate, from a complete backup suite to an audio, photo and video converter, but essentially, if you notice, 3uTools has a simple and user-friendly interface.

The most efficient management of iOS
files and data 3uTools makes it easy to manage apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos and other media files. The iOS devices offer different statuses such as activation, jailbreak, battery and iCloud lock status, as well as details about iOS and the iOS device. It can even help you back up and restore data files on your iOS devices, delete all unnecessary files, create ringtones, edit video formats and much more. The 3uTools online store offers many applications, you can even download and install free ringtones and wallpapers.

Why is it the best?

There are so many great features that make 3uTools a better choice than other tools and applications. Unlike other similar tools, 3uTools does not even require iTunes to be installed and can be used on all versions of Windows, from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Once the installation is complete, you need to connect your iPhone or other iOS devices to the computer, and then launch 3uTools. This makes it easy to find your device and display all the information about your devices.

On the first screen of the software, you can see information about the private device including IMEI code, serial number, UDID code, etc. A summary of the memory usage of the device is also displayed. Additional options are also available for installing 3u apps, backing up/restoring data, locking iOS data, creating a ringtone, converting videos, rebooting or turning off the device.

3uTools Features

#1. Flash and Prison Break

3uTools is without a doubt an excellent choice. It is one of the most powerful flashing tools that allows you to choose different iOS firmwares to upgrade or downgrade your specific device. Easy Flash is much more than its name. In principle, this is quite reasonable for regular users. The next type you can use according to your preference is Pro Flush, thanks to which the whole process is displayed, including shsh display, shsh recovery and finally flash. Multiple flashing, which allows the user to flash or activate multiple iDevices simultaneously.

If you are somehow ready to jailbreak your iDevice with 3uTools, then you need to type in the compatible iOS and model. Follow the latest 3uTools updates on Facebook or Twitter.

#2. Online resource

Various applications, original ringtones and unique wallpapers are waiting for you on the 3uTools website. Most importantly, 3uTools is completely free for any user.

#3. Toolset in 3uTools

We all know that basic iPhone information can always be found in the iDevice section of 3uTools. In addition, you can transfer all data, convert HEIC…

There are many tutorials and tips for you to use these productive features, you can even type your specific keywords in the search bar.

For example, if you wish to carry out a transaction with 3uTools but are not familiar with its use and mechanism, you can simply type in your keywords (e.g. data transfer) on the 3u website. It’s easier if you use the 3uTools on your arm.

How can I update my iPhone with 3uTools?

iOS 11.3.1 is also available. Therefore, to clarify the statement, please follow the steps below:

>> Step 1) Connect the device to a PC via a USB cable, then launch 3uTools.

Go to step 2, 3uTools is successfully connected to the ios device, navigate to Flash & JB and then Easy Flash it has compatible iOS version options.

Advantages and disadvantages of 3uTools

Benefits 3h Tools

  • This 3uTool is compatible with all iOS devices.
  • All tasks and operations performed with this tool without or before jailbreaking.
  • Since it runs inside 3uTool and all the jailbreaking tasks, it uses less power and saves energy for the next operations.
  • Unnecessary files are automatically deleted, making the device work faster.
  • Because they are installed from the app store, they are more robust and work very quickly.

Other 3uTool

  • The website cannot be opened without jailbreak.
  • Applications supplied by the system and integrated in the system cannot be removed.
  • And this 3uTool can only be downloaded and installed.
  • Modified files are not available in this 3uTool.
  • You will not be able to download applications before the jailbreak.

Here are the pros and cons of 3uTool. In any case, it is best to get applications from the application store to protect your system.


Honestly, in my opinion, 3uTools is a good choice for you. It is one of the best tools for iOS devices, there is no doubt about it. If you are not very familiar with this topic, please read the above information carefully to gain a thorough understanding.

All in all, this app is a simple tool that lets you easily manage your apps, photos, music, ringtones, etc. It also gives you detailed information about your device and its different states. In short, I am a big fan of this application, try it on my recommendation, you will not regret it.

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