Download TWRP Recovery for Realme 7 [with Install Guide]

The Realme 7 is a popular mid-range Android phone from Realme. The Realme series has been very popular since the beginning and is now on its eighth iteration. Realme phones are not easy when it comes to customizations like rooting, changing root files, etc. But it adapts to the times, and the official TWRP Recovery for Realme 7 (RMX2001) was recently released. You can download TWRP for Realme 7 here.

TWRP Repair is a custom restoration for Android phones. And it is without a doubt the best custom restoration available today. There are not many Realme phones that have an official TWRP restore. Only a few popular Realme phones have managed to get TWRP, and the Realme 7 is the last of these Realme phones.

Realme 7 will be released in September 2020. And as we mentioned earlier, Realme devices are not custom developer friendly, and so far Realme has not released an official unlock APK for Realme 7. This means you can’t officially unlock the Realme 7’s bootloader even six months after its release. However, this is possible with some modified applications.

You may be wondering why you need to use a custom recovery if your phone already came with a standard recovery. Well, it depends on what kind of user you are, for example, if you try different custom ROMs and mods, it’s not possible with stock recovery. The default recovery has only a few basic options like update installation via adb, format device, bootloader reboot etc. But TWRP has advanced features like zip/image file installation, partitioning, formatting/removing data and many other advanced features.

Download TWRP Repair for Realme 7 (official)

If you want to try different custom ROMs, custom kernels, or other ongoing projects, be aware that this requires a custom restore. And TWRP is the best recovery. Fortunately, it is now available for the Realme 7. And if you have Realme 7 and are eager to try out ROMs and mods, Restore is the place to go. Since this is the official version, you can download it directly from the official website or use the link below.

Now, once you have the TWRP file for Realme 7, you are only a few steps away from using it. You need to install TWRP Recovery on your device. If you are not familiar with the installation process, you might want to check out our next method. Before proceeding with the installation steps, we need to check the necessary files and drivers.


Installing TWRP recovery on Realme 7

After you have done the above, you can go through this guide to install TWRP on your phone.

  1. Unzip the downloaded ZIP file from the platform tools to your computer.
  2. Then copy the Twrp Realme 7 image file to the platform-tools or C:adb folder on your computer.
  3. Rename the last TWRP restore image file to twrp.img to simplify the ordering process.
  4. Now turn off your phone and launch the Realme 7 in fastboot mode. To enter Quick Start mode, long press the volume down button and the power button.
  5. Release both buttons when the unit has started in Quick Start mode. Now connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable.
  6. Navigate to the Platform tools or C:adb folder where twrp.img is located. Now, in the File Location section, replace Patch Address with CMD and press Enter. The CMD or command window will open.
  7. Now enter the following command to install TWRP Recovery on the Realme 7.
    • Quick start Flash recovery twrp.img
  8. The above command will install TWRP Recovery on your Realme 7 and now you can boot your phone into TWRP Recovery with the following command.
  9. You can now use TWRP on your Realme 7.

That’s it, now you have TWRP Recovery installed on your Realme 7. You can now boot directly from the TWRP restart option when you are in TWRP Recovery.

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Here it is, the complete TWRP guide for the Realme 7. If you already use recovery on your phone, let us know what your experience is.

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