Fruit Furniture Design Ideas For Animal Crossing: New Horizons –

Let me guess: You’re a fruit lover.

So why not turn your island into a fruit paradise with the beautiful fruit furniture in Animal Crossing?

These projects bring a fun place to relax and a lively and fun theme to your island paradise. If you have a lot of fruit furniture but don’t know how to tackle it, we have lots of ideas to help you.

Or, if you don’t have fruit furniture yet, well…. Then get to it!

10. Study of pear tree

image source from rabbit84

With the idea of this player, you can transform your home into a green and fruity paradise.

First, apply your favorite green wallpaper and flooring to set the mood.

Then be sure to add a wooden table, a bookcase and, of course, a pear cabinet and a pear bed. You practically cleared the room!

And get a wooden cabinet. You can even set it to green to match the theme.

Complete the look with a bouquet of plants.

9. Chamber of Fisheries

image source by @magicee_maria

You’ll feel good about this super cute (and super pink) bedroom idea.

Here’s how you can do it yourself:

Bring your favorite pink wallpaper and flooring. This will give you a basic look for your peach room.

Then you can put the pink rug and two peach-colored chairs on it to hold the room together.

Provide wooden block boards and flowers.

Then finish the look with a cherry lamp to create the mood you need.

8. Light residential

image source @teke_pokemori

Your show isn’t really a show if you don’t have a fruit theme, is it?

I can already smell the citrus.

To do it yourself, you first need to make an apple wallpaper to brighten up the room. You can also install wood flooring, in fact anything you can think of.

Next you’ll want cherry speakers, pear furniture, an orange table and an apple TV. All these elements are designed to bring the theme of fruit to life.

And don’t forget to add an orange rug!

Orange, are you glad you came?

Complete the look with a yellow sofa, yellow fridge and matching appliances.

7. Orchard Cafe

Image source: @DelicateJobb

Bring a breath of fresh air to your island with this fruity coffee design.

To make the scenery, you must first create a kind of orchard around the room. But leave a free field for the coffee.

Then you can take some custom clover to beautify the lawn.

Then you can add stalls and customize them with your favorite fruit motifs, and also add fruit boxes.

Complete the look by adding all the chairs and fruit tables, and your orchard dining area is complete.

6. All fruits

image source @acprincessclub

Turn your home into a fruit paradise with excellent design.

To get started, you first need to make an apple wall. This is definitely the best solution for a space like this!

And don’t forget to add wooden decking and tables.

Then add a pear bed and a pear wardrobe. You can also equip one of the tables with Cherry speakers, just like this player.

But the orange carpet is just what you need to get your thoughts in order.

Top it off with a bouquet of fruit umbrellas, and you’re ready for rain or shine.

5. A fruit bar in the city centre

image source by twos

This outdoor fruit café is similar to the idea mentioned above, except this time we live closer to the villagers.

With its colourful and cheerful atmosphere, it is the perfect addition to any island. Soon it will be the hottest party spot in town.

If you want to recreate this amazing design, you need to collect as many fruiting chairs and take as many different fruits as possible.

You’ll also want to collect a lot of fruit tables. Once you have done that, you can place them in the room of your choice.

Don’t forget to put some stands around, all designed with your favorite fruit motifs. And complete the look by adding cherry columns and fruit bowls to your counters.

4. Beach Smoothie Bar

CANH Idea Image Source by @Envy_acnh

Is a cocktail bar really complete without a seaside fruit bar?

I don’t think so.

So you can get one for yourself.

Stands are an indispensable part of your cocktail bar. You can also personalize them with your favorite fruit designs.

Then put coconuts and mixers on your shelves so you’re ready for anyone who comes to the beach.

You can then proceed to decorate your beach. Provide plenty of peach-colored chairs and orange tables for the beach scene.

3. Fruits and vegetables

Image source by @ohsnarf

No home is complete without some sort of dining room.

So let’s bring our kitchens into the fruit zone with this idea.

You need to wrap the wood floor and also treat the apple wall. Once you have them, you can pull them out.

You can also add a wooden stereo and a sofa + dining table.

Don’t forget to set plenty of fruit tables and add a special stall.

Finish the look with some plants and an orange bell. And I have to say, those orange tables look good too.

2. River Fruit Cafe

Image source by @vGEwd5ReSbIlc6G

A small outdoor café is an essential part of any fruit island.

But leaving one by the river? What an idea.

Learn how to open your own riverfront fruit restaurant here.

First, buy a few kiosks and set them up with your favorite fruity designs. You can also set out a bowl of fruit and a coffee pot.

Don’t forget to outfit your outdoor space with apple-shaped chairs and orange-shaped tables. This is where it gets really exciting… fruity.

And if you want to plant a handful of fruit trees nearby, I’d say they’d be a good fit.

1. Cooking fruit

Image source: @rslashAC

Bring a touch of retro with this fruity kitchen design.

To get started with this funky design in your home, you’ll first need to work the orange wall and lay your favorite wood floor (you can do it with tile too, it will just be darker).

Then add peach and apple mushrooms to liven up the fruit theme. To match the aesthetic, you can also add yellow dining room countertops.

I would still recommend some yellow accents. This player has added a fridge and coffee maker, but something similar could work as well.

Make sure you put plants in there too.

Complete the look with a shelf in the back, a fruit bowl on the table and a bulletin board with all your daily tasks.

frequently asked questions

What is the rarest fruit of the animals on Crossing New Horizons?

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What is the fastest way to get furniture in New Horizons Animal Crossing?

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Which fruits sell best in the New Horizons Animal Crossing game?

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