Garmin Enduro GPS Smartwatch Review

Garmin is a company that takes into account all areas of fitness, both indoors and out. But running and jogging at high altitudes or outdoor fitness requires a smartwatch that can handle the increased power and altitude and has an excellent battery. The new Garmin Enduro is a smartwatch that wants to provide everything you need. But are the extra features of the Garmin Enduro worth the big investment?

The Garmin Enduro is an excellent watch when it comes to solar powered battery charging and performance tracking with features that cover just about any outdoor wilderness activity. This model is suitable for fitness activities at height, which is useful for users of outdoor sports.

These sports and fitness watches meet all the important points of the fitness watch review. This article will tell you everything you need to know about this functional watch, including the pros and cons, and whether it’s worth buying for your fitness needs compared to the comparable Garmin Fenix 6 Pro. Read on to find out more.

Garmin Enduro Overview: Lovechild Forerunner 945 and Phoenix 6 with extra long battery life


  • The solar charging lens made of energy glass captures the sun’s energy, giving you more power and time between charges.
  • Innovative power management and battery saving modes allow sensors to be turned on and off to extend battery life during use.
  • Rugged, lightweight design with a 1.4-inch screen and titanium bezel with steel or DLC coating, buttons and back of case.
  • VO2 max training monitors your cardiovascular capacity and adjusts it to training conditions.
  • Ultrasonic activity with a resting timer allows the time spent at the treatment points to be recorded.
  • ClimbPro’s handy route improvements give you information on downhill and flat routes for safety and awareness.
  • Use the walk/walk detection feature to track your progress after training or after races involving walking, such as steep hills.


  • Dear
  • The strap is designed with comfort in mind, but it may not hold up.
  • Advanced GPS features like ClimbPro are designed to work perfectly in rough terrain, but the limitations of GPS remain an issue.
  • Weak cartographic features

Garmin Enduro Overview Key features

The Garmin Enduro truly lives up to its name, and it shows in the innovation and number of features this watch offers. I will try to present the highlights of each key feature to give a full overview of what makes this watch so special.

Key features include customizable power management modes and the Power Glass solar lens, which uses solar energy to extend battery life by up to a year; this in itself is a major selling point over previous Garmin watches with solar charging.

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Real-time field information

Now you can prepare for the longest runs with advanced training features like VO2max trail run, ultra run rest timer, and ClimbPro, which provides real-time information on current and upcoming climbs, descents, and flat sections. For fitness and wellness, this model has an advanced recovery timer and workout recommendations based on your sleep and wellness data.

80 hours battery life

Enhanced GPS updates now allow navigation in the most challenging conditions with multi-GNSS support, as well as a barometric altimeter and compass. The trail V02 max assesses the level of cardiovascular fitness of runners, taking into account the varying course and terrain conditions that can affect running performance.

The battery now lasts up to 80 hours in GPS mode, up to 300 hours in Max Battery mode and up to 65 days in Smartwatch mode on a solar charge.

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Optical pulse

For your convenience, you can now see how different settings and sensors affect the battery life of your watch. This allows you to make changes that will extend the battery life depending on what you are going to do with your watch.

Optical heart rate technology is also an improvement and assesses both activity intensity and heart rate variability to calculate stress level. It also measures underwater without a heart rate bracelet.

ClimbPro climbing planner

Climbing is also a priority with this model. ClimbPro’s accurate climb planner allows you to view real-time information about your current and upcoming climbs, including slope, distance, and elevation gain. ClimbPro’s route improvements also give you information on downhill and flat routes to help you identify them.

Plus, you can track the details of each ride with mountain bike metrics, as well as special spread and flow metrics that measure the difficulty and flow of the course, giving you a score you can improve on next time.

Indicators of professional development

One of the features that caught my eye was the indicators and gauges that you can prepare for any environment. You can now see how your body deals with heat and altitude acclimatization under different conditions. View advanced training evaluations including power dynamics, heat and altitude adjusted VO2 max, recovery advisors and more.

These vital signs and measurements allow you to give your body time to recover between workouts, which is very important during intensive outdoor fitness activities, especially in difficult and demanding conditions.

After each workout, a built-in recovery guide tells you how long to rest before the next big effort. Navigate with ABC sensors, including an altimeter for elevation data, a barometer for weather monitoring, and a 3-axis electronic compass.

The equipment on the Garmin Enduro is extensive and innovative, which is reflected in its high price, and offers maximum variability and dynamism on virtually any terrain.

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Why buy a Garmin Enduro?

The first caveat here is the price; let’s be very honest. This watch is expensive, one of the most expensive fitness watches ever made, but the features and functions are amazing.

All the features described above are worth buying, but unless you are a long distance runner or spend a lot of time in the desert, this watch is overkill. If you have to choose just one important feature of this watch, battery life and functionality should be the most prominent. The battery lasts for several days, and if you add a solar charger, you’ll be amazed at how long this watch can hold its charge.

This watch has a few weaknesses, the most notable of which is the lack of appropriate maps. For a watch designed for the wild without high-resolution cards, it’s a little backwards, but something had to be sacrificed to include so many dynamic features.

There’s no music here, and many of the familiar smart features that fill many previous Garmin watches are also pretty weak. You may not like the Velcro, but it gives comfort to the wrist.

Overall, the Garmin Enduro is the ultimate outdoor multi-sport activity.

Garmin Enduro vs. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro : Which one should you buy?

If you put the Garmin Enduro next to the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, you’ll notice a lot of similarities between the two watches, with the Fenix 6 Pro’s much lower price being the most obvious. Since both watches are similar, let’s take a look at what differentiates them and what you should look for when buying.

Both watches can be solar charged, but the Garmin Enduro is a marked improvement over the Fenix 6 Pro’s solar charging lens. The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro uses a glass lens to cover the watch’s screen. This was new and unusual at the time of launch, as the panel increased the lens’ ability to absorb ultraviolet light and transfer that energy to the battery compartment.

With the Garmin Enduro, you can enjoy a full solar charge that reduces charging time to almost nothing, as it can literally last for weeks.

The Garmin Enduro offers a dynamic variety of different features; variety in terms of your fitness choices and variety in terms of what you want to record and monitor and how you do it. But this feature is versatile enough for the entire Fenix series, and almost as versatile, with the addition of the solar technology found in the lower-powered Fenix 6 Pro.

One of the key benefits is the inclusion of an advanced Ultra Trace mode, which is very similar to the Fenix 6 Pro, but with better GPS functionality. This feature is great in its ability to track many different activities, but it is also somewhat similar to the Fenix 6 Pro Solar with the Pace Pro feature.

All in all, the Garmin Enduro is an excellent watch. The resolution is so crisp and innovative, which, combined with the solar power capabilities, makes it one of the most durable and useful watches in the Garmin range.

The Fenix 6 Pro comes close, but the Garmin Enduro’s ClimbPro feature allows for wilder activities that the Fenix 6 Pro could only record elevation changes while hiking. If you like the sound of ultra tracking with this watch and the almost similar features of the Garmin Enduro, then this smartwatch is also a good choice to consider.

The Fenix 6 Pro is also not expensive if you choose this exceptional watch. This means that if you decide to buy a Garmin Enduro, the price of this watch is huge because it is incredibly expensive.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that lets you easily monitor your performance stats with advanced power features and project graphs, the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro is definitely worth checking out and a good mid-priced watch.

However, if you are looking for a watch that will take fitness to the next level and offer the longest battery life ever seen in a fitness watch, then the Garmin Enduro is an investment that will last for years and provide excellent service. The super-tight nylon strap is also comfortable and convenient for outdoor use if you like wrist comfort.

Garmin Enduro FAQ

Is the Garmin Enduro GPS accurate?

The GPS accuracy of the Garmin Enduro has been recalibrated and improved over previous Garmin models to synchronize with a range of new performance and wellness tracking features, as well as enhanced terrain coverage. The navigator and the GPS reader can record positions to an accuracy of 3-10 metres. A strong satellite signal is essential.

Is the Garmin Enduro watch too big?

The Garmin Enduro is a pretty big watch. The goal is much larger, but it is necessary to install solar technology for the battery. Many users report that the size of this model is a nice balance between small and large, but for regular fitness use, the watch may be too big.

Does Garmin Enduro play music?

Unlike the other Garmin models in the extended range, the Garmin Enduro does not feature music playback. If you use this watch, you must bring a separate device for music.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that allows you to easily monitor your performance stats with advanced power features and project graphs, the Garmin Enduro is definitely a model worth checking out. There are very few downsides to this watch, and the obvious improvements to this model in terms of battery life and features for outdoor performance are hard to ignore.

In place of running and jogging, swimming, cycling or triathlon, and even mountain climbing, the Garmin Enduro is a great watch and a worthy successor to the best features of the Garmin Fenix lines, made even better with the new and improved addition of advanced solar technology for the Ultra battery.

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