Here some advanced starter Tipps for higher difficulty Endless Mode

  • Immediate 24-hour service, and use it as soon as the first stop is set up.
    They will probably kill the worker, but the initial increase in productivity will pay off.
  • Wait for the case. You can ignore your people for a while. As long as you keep them warm and fed, they won’t get sick.
  • You can skip the cooking for the first 28 hours. Only then will people start eating. For the middle and beginning of the game, one person to cook with is enough. The only exception: Right before the storm, it’s best to process any leftover raw vegetables.
  • Don’t wait to investigate, don’t wait to explore. Build a workshop as soon as possible, research the ball, build a team right away and get more workers first if possible. Then send them home and re-sort the scouts. It might be tempting to use scouts first, but A your scouts are slow, B you really need all the manpower you can get.
  • Don’t think about child labor. You will feel better if they increase your recovery in medical buildings. Because… If you have fewer technicians due to excessive absenteeism, they will not be on your shop floor in the first place.
  • Speaking of which: Medical tents. Have at least 5 (!!!) near your core. It is not necessary to fully staff them, it is sufficient to have one with 5 engineers and the others with 1 engineer. Why? Sick people who are not in a medical facility will be even worse off. You should plant one as soon as you start your first technique – as described above.
  • Ignore the lawsuit. Hunting is nothing unless you put a lot of research into it that you don’t have in the first place. Instead, quickly aim for two (!!!) claws. They provide a more stable supply and produce more food/jobs. Even 24-hour shifts are possible, or machines that work later.
    Steamboats are worth it, believe me. You may be tempted to try the 24 hour cheese of the flush switch, but A it doesn’t work as well as you think, B micromanagement, C there is still too much research needed to make it work. On top of everything else: This does not work for longer shifts.
  • Yes, longer shifts. Everywhere. Don’t even think about giving them more food, let them get angry, whatever. If they want to kick your ass, just cut away all the layers and go one point deeper into the fascist tree. Patrols work wonders.
  • They must have barracks when the storm comes. Otherwise, your race will be interrupted due to mass sickness.
  • Make people stay at home if it becomes impossible to create at least pleasant working conditions.
    The only exception: Collecting coal. It’s obvious: Better 20 people sick than all with 7 hours less of storm.
  • I recommend burying the snow, if people are going to die, at least make compost out of it.
  • Ignore the lumberjacks, go for the drill. You will use your last steam core for this, but it is a long term investment and you will need Tier 2 technology anyway.
  • If possible, organize 3 or 4 workshops. Technology is ROI.

The latter is rather obvious, and I wouldn’t consider it advanced, but still:
Guys, don’t take on more people than you can carry. I might be tempted, but food becomes a real problem when 30 people suddenly join, and even soup can’t solve that problem. Just take the first group of people before the storm and wait for the end. It makes things possible.

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  • The endless mode is great.

I’m now on day 60 in hard mode, and I’ve been playing almost continuously since I woke up. I’ve crossed the line with Faith, gotten into difficult situations, but so far I’ve only lost people at events and a few emergency guards. The random events make me want to diversify my play style.

  • Endless mode error(?)

Here’s a short list of bugs I encountered the first time I used it in endless (disk-based) mode. If you load a savegame made after the storm started, the entire city will be closed when the storm loads. This means that scouts who were in the safe zone can now be captured…..

  • What do you think of the infinite mode cards?

I’m curious to hear everyone’s opinion on the new maps. I did flats for a big launch show and enjoyed it. Especially on Crags – which is probably my favorite of all the maps, including the scenarios – planning is crucial. I’m also particularly curious to see how the Canyon, say day 50+….

Post Here are some advanced starting tips for the higher difficulty endless mode of the game Frostpunk.

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