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Among the many wonders of the modern world, radio seems obvious to us. Radio is everywhere
around us and is used in many applications, not just the
radio in your home or car. But what is the real subject of the radio? How does it work? In the next article in
, we will look at radio frequencies (RF) and their many applications. For
, let’s start with a simple explanation of what RF is, and how it does
its magic.

radio frequency explained

So what’s a radio frequency? If we try to apply a simple scientific explanation of
, it is important to understand that
radio is about vibrations and electromagnetism. Let’s try to write the simplest words in

Each radio station you listen to is broadcast on a specific frequency
. This frequency is a measure of the oscillation rate of the electromagnetic waves involved
. There are many
radio frequencies, ranging from 300 GHz to 9 kHz, from high to low. Basically, each of these
frequencies carries electrical impulses that we use to generate a signal. That’s where
, you and your radio, come in.

By using transmitters to transmit these high-frequency waves
and antennas to receive them, we can send messages, music and signals through space
. If we go too far into the science, we risk confusing everyone but the qualified here. RF waves are a form of radiation – as the name
Radio suggests – and it is this connection that has led to some
controversy and concern about RF technology. We will address this issue in the final section of this Article
. First, let’s talk about what RF technology is commonly used for.

What is the purpose of RF?

It is generally believed that Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian scientist, demonstrated the first radio in 1896. However, it is known that around the same time the Russian Alexander Popov also demonstrated a version of the radio. Both men worked individually on their projects and achieved similar results, although with very different equipment. Marconi continued with the radio and had success with his new invention
, while Popov focused on other projects and even abandoned his idea of the
radio and therefore fell into oblivion until recently.

Originally, radio was used exclusively for communications and later for
broadcasting. The same process is used today in an improved and modified form of
for radio and television broadcasting. However, in the second half of the 20th and early 21st centuries, other applications of RF technology emerged
, some of which you may not understand, namely devices that operate on radio frequencies

contactless debit or credit card uses an RF chip. It transmits an RF signal to complete the
process. If you open your car doors remotely, it could also be radio frequency technology. It is used
in television remote controls, microwave typewriters, and many ID cards in which
information is stored in RF format. This is also how your
cell phone works, as it is a radio transmission. Home or
office Wi-Fi is also an RF technology.

RF surrounds us and helps us in our daily lives
without thinking about it. Of course you have heard those
claims that RF technology can cause cancer and brain damage. This was
particularly the case in relation to the introduction of 5G technology in some countries
. Radiation is a buzzword, but to understand it, you need to know
that there are two different kinds of radiation. Let’s make this
explanation the last part of our RF article.

Security of the Russian Federation

The link between RF and radiation has led to many problems, most of which are unjustified. Let’s see why.

Radiation can only cause cancer – and some forms of radiation probably can – if it is a form of radiation that changes the shape of the atom by removing electrons. This results in a
mutation and can lead to cancer. This type of radiation is called ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation occurs in the high frequency and short wave range of radio. This type of radiation is emitted by atomic radioactive substances, as well as by X-rays and gamma rays. These are high-energy HF

The type of radiation that comes from the 5G,
structures in your phone, microwave oven and other everyday objects that use radio frequency technology is
known as non-ionizing radiation. It is a low power version of the
RF of the low frequencies used for broadcasting. RF technology is not ionizing
, so it cannot remove electrons from atoms because it is not powerful enough

It can therefore be concluded that high frequency devices are perfectly safe. Look around and you will see many
household items that use this miracle of modern technology to make our lives easier.

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