How to Check Someone’s Identity Only by a Name?

There was a time when people had to wait weeks to find someone through call centers – even after that, it’s a challenge for anyone to find someone by name. However, you don’t have to worry about these things anymore.

Today we’re going to share with you a method that allows you to find someone by name in a minute or two. What’s more, the process is completely free and you don’t have to take out an expensive subscription to make use of it.

Are you interested? Let’s learn more about this technology and the platform that makes it possible.

1. Online personal search services

Online person search services can help you get information on any person with a single search. The technology is similar to that of search engines that give you relevant results for your search. However, the person search engine is more advanced and offers simple reports to help you get this information. This means you no longer have to scroll through dozens of links to find the information you need.

Person search tools are linked to large databases that contain publicly available information on millions of people. This makes it much easier to find a person’s contact information.

Most platforms that offer these services are inherently expensive. However, we have found the most effective application that offers its services for free. This way, you can take advantage of this offer before the instrument starts charging you for its services.

That’s the statement we’re talking about.

2. Cocoa binder

CocoFinder is an online information finder that offers free services to all its users. The application is designed to provide easy access to government information in the United States. It extracts a user’s query from the database and displays the relevant information in a valid report.

On this page, users can find various tools to search for public information on the Internet. Some of these tools are reverse phone lookup, address lookup, people lookup and background check. With these tools, even a novice can find publicly available information through any web browser.

The question now is how to find this information without revealing your identity. To solve this problem, CocoFinder works without creating an account on its website. This means that users can visit the site, request information and leave without leaving a trace.

Here’s how you can use this platform to establish a person’s identity based on their name.

3. How to use the CocoFinder locator?

You must go to the CocoFinder website to use the tools, not to suggest a mobile application. On the home page, a People Search button takes you to the service page for this feature. You can enter the name of the person you are looking for.

By adding the name of the county, city and state, you can narrow down the results to your target profile. After entering the data, press the Search button to start the process.

Depending on the availability of information, it can take 3-4 minutes to generate a report. Click on an account and get access to all the knowledge and the public identity of a person. In each part of the speech, one can search thoroughly to find exactly that information.

So you can find almost any information with this tool.

4. What is in the People Search Report?

Each platform has a different type of person search report. However, CocoFinder has the most detailed report, which shares different types of information with you.

You can find all this information through the People Finder report:

Current residents: You can get the person’s current address to see where they live. This way you can get in touch with them in an easy way.

a. Judicial documents

You can find complete court records for any case involving this person. All you have to do is scroll down and check out the court section. Based on this information, you can determine if the case is closed or not yet closed.

b. Criminal record:

This is one of the most important parts of the report. You can check a person’s entire criminal record, including sexual offenses. So you can check this to protect yourself and your family from criminals.

v. Related to :

Check the person’s family members and other acquaintances in this section of the report. There is an easy way to check the backgrounds of people you know too. This way you can find out more details about the person.

d. Fraud rate:

If you are looking for an unknown, a scam review is the most useful information you can use. It assesses a person’s profile based on their public knowledge, allowing you to learn more about them. A higher fraud score indicates that the individual may have committed fraud before.

Company data:

Check the person’s company details to find out more about their profession. These data are regularly updated to provide relevant information. The data presented in this report are therefore reliable.

5. What other functions does CocoFinder offer?

CocoFinder offers a number of features and tools to help you obtain public information. White pages, person searches and background checks are the most popular tools for finding information about a person. However, other tools, such as address, phone number and email search, allow you to search for public connections associated with them.

That way, you can take the time to decide what combination of tools you need to get this information.

Concluding remarks

The hardest part is finding a person’s contact information when there isn’t much to call a lead. In this situation, you can use the person search engine to find information about a person by just using their name. With CocoFinder’s people search, you have instant access to that person’s public information.

You can find information about their identity, criminal record, education, professional background, contact information, etc. So you don’t need any other tool to complete your search.

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