How to enable cross-progression and link an account in MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 has made its debut on Xbox platforms, bringing the first baseball simulation to more consoles. Because the series is multiplatform, this has led to a lot of cross-promotional issues for anyone who owns the game on both PlayStation and Xbox. Fortunately for these people, Sony is letting cross-promotions run. Learn how to enable cross progression in MLB The Show 21.

To start the crossover process, download the game to your PlayStation or Xbox and go to your profile page by clicking on the icon at the top left of the menu and clicking once on the tab to its right. In the bottom right corner, you’ll find an option to link your account when connected to The Show’s online servers. Click on it and within ten minutes you will receive a code that you can enter at When we tried to access this page, we got a 404 error message. If this is the case for you, click on My account at the top right of the page and create a new account or log in with your TheShow account.

Once you’ve created your account on the site, you can select all accounts on consoles that have an old rerun of The Show. As you can see in the screenshot below, our Xbox account was found through our participation in the Tech Alpha. Our PlayStation account was also found because we were playing MLB The Show 20 and 21. If you don’t see any of these accounts, you’ll need to sign in to the PlayStation or Xbox section with the appropriate messages.


When you find both accounts on this page, click the red button that says Select this account. When each account is linked, a pop-up message appears on your console to inform you that the operation was successful. Then you have to do the same on the other console. You can check and make sure the two are linked by going to your account page.


Once the two accounts are linked, your created MyBallplayer will be loaded every time you start a game on a console with a linked account. If the local and cloud data are different, you will see a message similar to the one you want to save.


Game modes like Franchise and Road to Show can also be transferred from one console to another, but this doesn’t happen automatically even if you link the two accounts. You must first open the game type you wish to transfer, go to Settings and select Download to Cloud. You will receive a message similar to the one below to confirm that you wish to continue.


After downloading, you can run the game on the opposite platform. Go to a game mode you downloaded and select Download from Cloud. You should get a message telling you what data is available, and you will be able to retrieve it when the stored data is created.

If you want to go back and forth between platforms, you have to constantly upload and download data. When you save data for a game mode you downloaded from the cloud, it’s different than on the other platform. So make sure you download your data to update it after you play games or make transactions.

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