How to Farm Serpent Meat in Valheim

The ocean is vast, and there is a creature prized for its rare flesh, the sea serpent, and some of them hide in the dangerous waters.

Those seeking snake meat must confront the sea snakes to kill them and obtain the meat.

Having a good supply of snake meat can mean a lot in the long run, as it can be used to make some of the best meals in Walheim.

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How is snake meat grown?

You can only get sea snake meat if you kill a sea snake, which can be pretty dangerous because you have to look for them in the ocean biome.

Because of their ferocity, you need to make sure you’re prepared. The use of a raft is not recommended as it can be easily destroyed.

It’s best to choose a cof or longship, as they can escape sea snakes and last longer in a sea battle.

An easy way to kill sea snakes is to shoot them from a distance with a bow and arrow, so you don’t damage your own boat.

Frost shooters can be a big help, as they can slow down the sea serpent so you can get more shots until you manage to kill it.

Players can use the abyssal harpoon to prevent the sea serpent from escaping, and even pull it to shore to kill it more easily.

To learn more about sea snake hunting, read our guide to sea snake hunting in Walheim.

Location of the sea dragon

Sea snakes occur primarily in the ocean, but may also be found at other large bodies of water adjacent to the designated biome.

When you are on a boat, you will find that your location can change to different biomes. If you sail in the ocean biome, you are more likely to encounter a sea serpent.

There are specific spawning areas for the sea snake, but they are difficult to identify because they tend to move around.

You can mark the spot where you encounter the sea snake to get an idea of where it occurs from time to time.

Usually you won’t be the one to find the sea snakes, because they find you, and you can recognize them by the sound they make when they start hunting.

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Use of snake meat

There are currently two recipes for snake meat in Walheim, and they can make a big difference when it comes to promoting health and stamina.


  • Cooked snake meat (cooking station)
  • Snake stew (wok)

Cooked snake meat is cooked in the cooking station and takes about 61 seconds to cook.

Snake stew is prepared with 1x boiled snake meat, 2x honey and 1x mushrooms.

It is best to save your cooked snake meat for the snake stew, as it is lighter and gives better health and stamina for 80 eaters, as well as 4 health regeneration for 2400 seconds.

Boiled snake meat is heavier and provides 70 hit points and 40 stamina points, and a regeneration of 3 hit points per tick for 2000 seconds.


Hunting sea snakes can be quite a hassle, especially when it comes to raising them yourself, but it is quite possible if you make the right preparations.

Make sure you have full armor and a good bow, and at least use enough food to keep your health at 100 or more.

Carvee does everything right, but can still be destroyed if you are careless. Therefore, the Longship is the best choice, as it is currently the fastest and most durable boat in Valheim.

Snake Stew, along with other endgame dishes, allows you to increase your health to 200+, making it easier to fight bosses and more formidable opponents.

frequently asked questions

How to breed snakes in Walheim ?

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Where do snakes breed in Walheim?

Valheim Serpent Pawning Grounds It’s best to go far enough offshore to get into the ocean biome, but not too far offshore because you may want to return to the coast quickly once you find your snake.

How do I get snake scales in Walheim?

To collect the snake scales, players must instead capture them with the Abyssal Harpoon. You cannot use a bow and arrow and hold a harpoon at the same time. Instead, they need a friend or two to shoot the sea serpent while holding it with a harpoon.

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