Lost Centuria Crosses 3 Million Downloads

First released in April 2017, e.g. Lost Centuria is a classic turn-based RPG. The game combines the concepts of modern mobile games with old-school RPG gameplay. The game is set in a fantasy world, where the player needs to fight against monsters to save their hometown and the world as a whole. As the player levels up, they can upgrade their character and get new gear.

As the end of the summer grew near, Lost Centuria hit a new milestone: over three million downloads in less than a year. In addition, the game has been steadily growing in popularity. Its unique take on TPS games has captured the imagination of many, and it has been featured on the App Store several times. In addition, the game is continuing to grow with regular updates on both iOS and Android. This includes the addition of a new island as well as new weapons and vehicles, and new graphics and gameplay elements.

Lost Centuria is a mobile game that has recently passed the 3 million downloads mark. The game is a side-scroller beat ’em up with a story line that takes place in the future. In the game’s story, a super virus was released on earth that killed most of the population. A few thousand survivors of the virus were able to be saved by being frozen in cryo-chambers. The player’s job is to guide the survivors through the post-apocalyptic world in search of a new home. The survivors will face many obstacles and bosses in their journey.

Home News Summoners War: Lost Centuria Crosses 3 Million Downloads word-image-2521 Com2uS, the creator behind the fantasy RPG franchise Summoners War: Lost Centuria has just announced the title to cross 3 million downloads and generator $4.4 million dollars in global revenue within the first 10 days following its launch late last month. Since its launch, the game has been met with praise by critics and fans alike, standing among the top 10 strategy games on Apple App Store and Google Play Store in over 64 countries. Com2uS also plans to expand Summoners War: Lost Centuria after its 3 million download milestone, with brand new in-game updates this month, including an Arena Battle mode, Monster Spell update, and a crossover event with Summoners War: Sky Arena. Here is everything you can expect: Summoners War: Lost Centuria “Arena Battle” Mode:

  • Summoners War: Lost Centuria fans can now experience the recently launched “Arena Battle” update. In the Arena Battle, the difficulty level of all monsters is adjusted to level 10 and the equipped rune effect is not applied, providing the fun of playing a real match at the same level. Once users enter the Arena Battle, they can get a reward when achieving 10 wins or 3 losses, and the final reward increases as the number of wins increases. Com2uS plans to provide the fun of competing with friends and players globally through the Arena Battle update, and paves the groundwork for various competitive circuits and esports tournaments in the future, as seen in the Summoners War World 100 invitational tournament.

New Monsters & Spells:

  • Players can now summon the new Monster, Hwadam, a rare Light Monster that deals damage to the opponent’s back line and weakens their Attack Power. When a target is affected by Decelerate, Hwadam has the ability to stun them. Players can pair Hwadam with a Decelerate Support Monster to create powerful synergy during battle. Additionally, the update introduces a new Spell called Spread Damage, which deals damage to an enemy in the forefront, as well as the rest of the enemies in the front line.
  • A slew of convenience-related features await players in the latest Monster update. In “Wanted PvE” mode, players will be able to check the number of Wanted Monsters cleared. Also, a new replay feature will allow players to check the status of opponent Monster cards. Lastly, players will be able to upgrade Monster and Spell cards to their maximum levels in one swoop.

Crossover Events:

  • Com2uS kicks off crossover events in Summoners War: Sky Arena and Summoners War: Lost Centuria, bringing the real-time strategy battles from the newly launched Lost Centuria to Sky Arena.
  • Collaboration Event (until May 30): Players can participate in the Collaboration Event in Summoners War: Sky Arena by playing the real-time PvP system “Ranked Battle” mode, which is the core battle system of Summoners War: Lost Centuria. Conquering “Ranked Battle” in Sky Area mode will contribute to their overall points. Points from the Collaboration Event can also be used to collect a variety of in-game items from Summoners War: Sky Arena, including a Legendary Scroll which summons a default 4-5 monsters by installing Summoners War: Lost Centuria and achieving a certain grade.
  • Summoner Verification Event (until June 10): Players can claim the Mystical Book item once they’ve verified their Summoners War ID number, Summoner name, and server in Summoners War: Lost Centuria.

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