Some random tips for new players that I really regret not finding out until way too late

  1. Turn in your unwanted armor and legendary weapons to Rusty Pick as soon as possible. There is a limit of 150 legendary scenarios that you can obtain in 24 hours. Legendary script is used to get legendary weapons and armor, but more importantly (in my opinion) Vault Steel is very annoying in many endgames. Don’t sit on it, often buy stock of steel and hide it. You’ll regret it if you don’t, if you stay long enough to use it. ….
  2. If you want to use a harness, you need to know a few things. A. A suitcase can hold a complete set of power armor, but it weighs much less than all the pieces individually in your inventory. B. You can keep multiple frames with different armor at the same time and rename them, so you don’t have to guess which one is the right one. C. If you are worried about fusion cores or their absence, you don’t have to. There is a legendary card that recharges your cores when you are hit by the energy of a weapon. They are also easy to get if you can find videos to watch on the floor. I’ve been playing for about 2 months now and currently use 20-30 hearts a day, maybe more. Don’t worry, you won’t think you’re playing this way…..
  3. Start your faction quests as soon as possible, and do the daily quests for all factions every day. In factions, you get the real loot at the end of the game, but to buy items from faction vendors, you have to improve your reputation with them. It takes time, so do it now and don’t sleep on it like I did.
  4. Lids seem to be hard to get, so here are some tips for getting more. A. Sell ammo to your merchants, selling no more than one capsule per turn (except for larger items like missiles and warheads). I have noticed that .50, 5mm, .45 and .38 calibers are sold more often. B. Doing live events. Even if you are of a low level, you will not hurt anyone by jumping in. You get caps, plus scrap, ecsp, blueprints, weapons and armor. Even for me, at the 160 level, they are worth it. C. Ask your dealer how to exchange items. Look for products that can be purchased at low prices, such as serums. If you can find serums from a player vendor for less than 300, buy them. The resorts will take them for 300, so make your profit.
  5. Dying isn’t a bad thing, as long as you don’t wear junk. When you die, all your stuff falls into the bag, and the quest marker stays above it until you or someone else loots it. Otherwise, there’s no loss…
  6. If you get a quest upgrade, death from above means someone dropped a nuke! Usually they drop it on the bottom right of the card, where the queen will appear. This is a great event for xp and loot. You also get upgraded repair kits and treasure cards in battles, though I didn’t get those until I completed one of my faction quests. Whether this is intentional or an oversight, I don’t know, but it brings us back to the third point: go do your faction quests !!!!. .
  7. If you love crafting, here are some benefits you should know about. Super-duper (luck), Ammosmith (skill) and Ammo Factory (legendary advantage). Super Duper gives you the ability to duplicate everything you do, with a few exceptions that you usually don’t have to worry about. The other two increase the amount of ammo you make per batch quite a bit. Very useful benefits! …
  8. Speaking of bonuses: You always get points for bonuses. Each time you level up, even after level 50, you can choose a different Perk card or redeem your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points. So if you’re worried about missing out on a particular bonus, don’t. You will always have the opportunity to invest in a new bonus.
  9. If you return to the faction one last time, you will be able to start spending and collecting gold bars after completing the quest, which is the endgame currency. You get gold bars by selling treasure tokens to certain vendors in the faction warehouses. You can also earn a small fee each week by giving Smiley to Wayward. Here’s the catch: you can only get 200 bars a day with T-bills. And to put that in perspective, the weapons alone cost 500-1000 bar each, and that’s not even counting the modifications. So start selling tickets as soon as possible. You can get recordings of live events and rushes. That’s all I have for now. This list wasn’t planned or anything; it popped up now because I was getting ready to shoot Strangler PA and realized it would take me a long time to get all the steel and ingots out of the vault.

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Post Some random tips for new players that I unfortunately learned about too late for a Fallout game.

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