Stitchy in Tooki Trouble Review (Nintendo Switch)

The game: Stitch in Trouble Toki
Genre : Action, Platform: Nintendo Switch
Developer|Publisher: Polygon | Game Disc EN
Age Rating: EU 3+ | USA All
Price : US $14.99 | UK £11.69 | EU €14.99
Release date : 15. April 2021

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Maize crisis

Stitchy in Tooki Trouble (we’ll call it Stitchy from now on) is a platform game inspired by the 2D platformer series Donkey Kong Country. But if you’ve ever been put off by the difficulty of this series, this platformer might be worth a look.

The Tukkers are wreaking havoc and have stolen all the grain. Stitchy is a trick to stop scaring crows in the field for hours and bring back all that corn so you can make your favorite breakfast cereal. A simple game with a very simple premise, seen many times before. But there are few games where you play like a stuffed animal with pretty button eyes.

Stitchy seems surprised to be the hero in this game.

Dock numbers

You travel through 3 worlds with 9 levels each and a big boss fight at the end. The goal of each level is to reach the end to advance. There are enemies you can defeat by jumping on their heads, and also many hazards you must avoid. Sometimes the game gets a little different by having you travel in a mini-cart, but for the most part it’s a typical 2D platformer.

An added incentive is to collect three totem figures, which unlock a secret level as you complete each level in the world. If you complete a level within a certain time, you can also get a typical 3-star rating. Sure, there are tons of corn to harvest. It’s the usual hundred, and you have an extra life, but there’s something satisfying about chewing on the sound you hear every time you take it.

Colorful but familiar design

Colourful and familiar

The graphics are colorful and bright, with very good animations in the game. The 3D models are in the 2D plane, with great attention to detail by Stitchy himself, for the three main environments of the Aztec ruins, the snow area and the lava pit factories. Stitchy is a fun little protagonist, but many of the other designs look like things we’ve seen many times before. Not bad. But it looks too much like the monkey this game is based on.

Theoctopus is trying to high-five now!

Peak power

Stichy’s greatest strengths are the controls and the ease with which the game can be played. Stitchy can jump, double jump and use a clapping motion to open boxes and find hidden areas. You can take that enjoyable pace into a game where you jump from enemy to platform and feel like you’re constantly moving.

The movement of the assembly is quite slow, so it is relatively easy to follow on the screen without overloading it. It also works great on TV and in manual mode. I never noticed any slowdowns or performance issues. This is the perfect game to take along for short sessions and play in bursts. With such simple controls, it’s also very easy to get back into it after playing other games.

Ice to see you


Stitchy in Tooki Trouble is a solid game, perfect for platforming fans looking for a more controlled experience. The game doesn’t do much to stand out from the crowd, except for its charming protagonist, the scarecrow. But in terms of performance and game management, they are just as good as the Titans on their home field. This is a decent first volume in the platform series.

Last block : I like it


How do you load…

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