Top 21 Best Yuri Anime Recommendations You Must Watch! 2021

Top 21 best Yuri anime recommendations you should see! 2021 – Yuri returns to updating the anime genre, once again compiling a list of the latest and greatest anime. Yuri or Shojo Ai is a very popular anime genre among male anime fans. But many women also like the anime Shojo Ai.

Top 21 best Yuri anime recommendations you should see!

Top 21 best yuri anime recommendations to watch! 2021

When we talk about the anime Yuri, we all know that it is about a girl who falls in love and has a romantic relationship.

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And most fans will immediately jump to the part where they have sex, but it’s no coincidence that Yuri is not classified as an adult anime.

The reason is to build a relationship, to fall in love with each other before the peak of love is reached.

1. The Netsuzou Trap (2017)

The Netsuzu Trap (2017)

The recommendation for the first Yuriq anime to watch is Netsuzou Trap. This anime tells the story of Yume and Hotaru, who have been friends since childhood.

Yuma is always nervous when she has a date with her new boyfriend. That’s why Hotaru asks you to accompany him.

But when Hotaru offered to be their teacher friend, they both realized that they were more interested in each other than their own friend.

Since then, they both had secrets from each other that they couldn’t tell their friends.

2. Maria†Holic (2009)

Maria†Holic (2009)

The next best yuri animated film is Maria Holik. This is the story of a high school girl, Miyamae Kanako, who is allergic to boys.

He then went to an all-girls school, hoping to find a romantic partner. And he found the perfect candidate for him, named Shidu Maria.

But Kanako reveals a great secret about Maria, namely that Shidou Maria is a mischievous boy who was maintained by a cynical servant named Shinoji Matsurika. Kedunai was making things difficult for Kanako.

3. Kashimashi : Girl Meets Girl (2006)

Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl (2006)

This old style yuri anime, which you should not miss, tells the story of a shy boy named Hazumu who loves gardening and often collects herbs (of course) in the mountains. He once declared his love for Yasuna, but was rejected.

When he was on the mountain, he was accidentally hit by an alien and became a beautiful girl. Will he be able to win Yasuna’s heart as a girl?

4. Maria-Sama Ga Miteru (2004)

Maria-Sama Ga Miteru (2004)

The best romantic anime to watch. As for the story itself, the anime Maria-Sama ga Miteru revolves around the students of Lillian Academy, an all-girls school.

Lillian School has a tradition of Sisters, which means sister in French. Sophomores and freshmen become the mentors of freshmen who have just joined the academy and hand them a rosary, signifying that the senior students are a sister class to the freshmen.

The student council president, named Yamayuri, which is led by three senior students, has three sections with nicknames, namely: Red rose, white rose and yellow rose.

Yumi Fukuzawa is a first-year student at the Lillian Girls Academy. By chance, I met a second year student, Sachiko Ogasawara, who was a Red Rose candidate.

Sachiko then gives the rosary to Yumi Fukuzawa, implying that she will become Yumi’s older sister. Meanwhile, Yumi, who already looks popular, doesn’t understand why Sachiko chose her.

Cinderella’s party is also coming up and the conflict between the older and younger siblings begins.

5. Aoi Hana (2009)

Aoi Hana (2009)

Aoi Hana is one of the best anime adaptations of the Shoujo Ai manga. Tells the story of Fumi and Akira’s childhood friend who have to break up because Fumi has to move. After ten years of not being able to communicate with each other, the two girls met again at school.

Both are struggling to rebuild a relationship that has been lost for so long, and much has changed.

Fumi and Akira have had several conflicts and problems with each other at school, ranging from individual conflicts.

6. Simun (2006)

Simun (2006)

Shojo Ai anime with elements of military anime with a story that is quite unique. In the semblance of a peaceful theocracy, everyone is born with a woman.

At the age of 17, each girl had to follow a special ceremonial tradition where she had to mingle with other girls.

However, only a few shepherds can synchronize with the ancient flying ship named Simon, which is desperately needed to maintain the simulacrum.

The couple should remain discreet during the ceremony as long as they want to keep their Simon.

After a terrible enemy attack that destroyed a squadron known as the Chor Storm, Aer was designated as Simon’s pilot.

To get his wings, he had to find his way to Neviril’s heart, Regina Chor-Tempest. Nevyril’s heart, however, still belonged to the previous couple, who lost the battle when they tried to carry Simun’s forbidden maneuver.

7. Sasameki Koto (2009)

Sasameki Koto (2009)

Tells the story of a student named Murasame Sumika, who was popular in her school for her excellence in shooting and sports.

However, he has a secret: he is in love with his classmate, Kazama Ushio, who is a girl.

However, Ushio also has the desire to love other women, and he has not yet realized Sumika’s feelings and has always been rejected by the other girls.

8. Yuri Kuma Arashi (2015)

Yuri Kuma Arashi (2015)

The next list of the best yuri anime is Yuri Kuma Arashi, one of the fantastic anime about a transparent high school girl who is easily and barely noticed by others.

Every night he dreams of bears and transparent storms. In this dream, his mysterious classmate, Ginko Yurishiro, also appears as a bear.

9. Hey! Kiniro Mosaic (2015)

Hey! Kiniro Mosaic (2015)

Yuri’s next anime is Hello Kiniro Mosaic. Tells the story of a 15 year old Japanese girl, Shinobu Omiya, who goes to England to meet Alice. Back in Japan, he still missed her whenever he was abroad.

One day, Shinobu received a letter from Alice asking if he wanted to visit Japan. The Japanese and English girls meet again, and there is much humor as Alice interferes in the lives of Shinobu and his friends.

10. Inugami to Nekoyama-san (2014)

Inugami – Nekoyama (2014)

Inugami and Nekoyama, one of the best yuri/shojo-ai anime of 2014 to watch.

Tells the story of a shy and tsundere girl who really loves dogs, Nekoyama Suzu, and a kind and super masochistic girl who loves cats, Inugami Yachiyo. One day they met by chance and fell in love.

In response to his friendship with Inugami and the shy Nekoyama. His friend Akira tried to introduce Suzu and Yachiyo.

11. Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru (2006)

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru (2006)

The best yuri romance anime aired in 2006 tells the story of Mizuho, who does not believe in the will left by his grandfather.

The contents of the will are his grandfather’s wish for Mizuho to attend the same academy as Mizuho-sama. And the academy is a girls’ school.

With the help of his girlfriend Maria, he finally manages to go to school. However, he had to turn into a woman to fool all the students at his new academy.

12. Kanamemo (2009)

Kanamemo (2009)

Tells the story of a schoolgirl, Nakamachi Kana, who finds herself alone after the death of her grandmother.

When he wanted to look for a home elsewhere, he found a newspaper route and began working in his room with board and lodging, along with the other workers who made his daily life very pleasant.

13. Kannazuki no Miko (2004)

Kannazuki no Miko (2004)

This supernatural anime of the yuri genre tells the story of a young girl named Chimemiya Chikane, of noble birth, cold-blooded and aloof in nature.

Chimera is also considered the ideal girl in a prestigious group. Meanwhile, Kurusegawa Himeko has a secret boyfriend. His initially normal life at school changes when a demon from the past suddenly appears.

14. Akuma without violin (2014)

Akuma without the violin (2014)

The best anime of the era that aired in the spring of 2014, with an added element of action to make the story even more enjoyable. The story takes place at Mujo Academy, where there is a special class called Black Class.

The class consisted of 12 professional assassins with a target named Ichinose Haru. One of the twelve professional assassins, Azuma Tokaku, holds a grudge against Haru, but his love for him is slowly growing.

15. Yuru Yuri (2011)

Yuri Yuri (2011)

One of Yuri’s cartoon comedies that should not be missed. Talk about the fan club whose members are Akari Akaza, Kyoko Toushino, Yui Funami and Chinatsu Yoshikawa.

In the atmosphere of Yuri, the fun club goes on to the order of the day, namely unemployment.

Even though their habits are merely relaxing, their paths always cross in conversations about the humor and excitement at school.

16. Sakura Stunt (2015)

Sakura Trick (2015)The anime Sakura Trick is a must-see for fans of yuri anime. Tells the story of two girls, Haruka and Yuu, who attend a high school that will close in the next three years.

Despite everything that is special and extraordinary between them, they are two different kisses. Since then, their relationship has deepened.

17. Strawberry Panic (2006)

Strawberry Panic (2006)

Aoi Nagisa, who attended one of the three women’s schools on Astraea Hill, the girls from St. Mary’s, are the only ones who went to the school. Myator.

There he found the student community intertwined in a complicated relationship. Where two ethyls represent three schools.

To belong, Nagisa had to take classes and join one of the clubs, and make new friends.

Meanwhile, a single star from Astraea Hill named Shizuma Hanazono has piqued Aoi Nagisa’s interest.

18. Camphor

KampferTell tells the story of a student named Senu Natsuru who wakes up one day with a strange bracelet in his hand and is able to turn into a girl.

And even more surprisingly, her Harakiri Tora doll suddenly spoke up and explained that Natsuru had been chosen champion and had to fight other campers.

The doll she got from a friend and a girl I like was called Kaede Sakura. On a school trip, Natsuru meets another camphor who turns out to be Mishima Akane, a classmate she likes.

Natsuru knows, thanks to Akane and Doll, that there are different types of tourists. Akane and Natsuru have the same colored bracelets, meaning they are in the same group, and what happens to them is a bonfire with a red bracelet.

19. The Revolutionary Utena Girl (1997)

Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997) When Utena’s parents died as children, a prince with a white horse gave Utena a ring with the symbol of the rose.

The prince said that he who is in great mourning does not lose his strength and honor, and that he will bring you to me with this ring. When Utena grew up, she wanted to be a prince.

20. Citrus (2018)

Citrus (2018)

One of the best yuri anime of 2018, Citrus tells the story of Yuzuko Aihara, a high school girl who has never had a crush on anyone.

After his mother remarried, Yuzu was forced to change schools. But he arrived at the new school with a very important mission. At his new school he is annoyed by the chairwoman of the student council, Mei Aiharam, who turns out to be his half-sister.

And with that, the drama began, and Yuzu began to realize that emotion and hatred were just around the corner.

21. Candy Boy (2008)

Candy Boy (2008)

The list of recent anime that Yuri recommends you watch is Candy Boy. The story revolves around the relationship between Yuhino and Kanade Sakurai. They’re twins who go to high school in Tokyo.

Their second relationship was also colored by the presence of a very crazy first year student in Canada, namely Sakuya Kamiyama.

One day Sakuya asked Kanade out, causing Yukino to declare her love to her own sister.

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So, my friends, here are the top 21 recommended yuri anime above that you should definitely watch! that you should always watch. Don’t forget to share this article with your best friend.

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