What Is Google Photos Storage Saver? The Same As High Quality?

If you are an avid Google Photos user, you may have heard about some of the recent changes to the app. One of these changes is the storage saver feature. This is a feature that Google introduced because of the amount of users who have been complaining about how they are spending so much storage space on their device. What Is Google Photos Storage Saver? The Same As High Quality? If you are an avid Google Photos user, you may have heard about some of the recent changes to the app. One of these changes is the storage saver feature. This is a feature that Google introduced because of the amount of users who have been complaining about how they are spending so much storage space on their device. As a result

Google Photos is a great service developed by Google. With it, you can backup your pictures and videos, and easily share them with your friends and family. One of the advantages of this service is that it allows you to save storage space by uploading in high quality.

The Google Photos Storage Saver is a feature that allows you to compress photos to save storage.. Read more about google photos login and let us know what you think.After Google announced changes to its premium photo storage policy in November 2020, it is now clarifying what will happen from 1. June 2021 will come for your current and future photos. Ahead of the storage policy changes, Google has introduced a new storage economy level to allocate photos by storage quota, as well as a view and delete tool. The Storage Saver level is simply a rebranding of the high-end storage we used to back up our photos in Google Photos. Google will be the first to offer this service from the 1st. June 2021 will no longer offer free high-quality downloads, which explains the name change. The name change from High Quality to Storage Saver is intended to make it clear to consumers that using the High Quality option to store photos actually results in the compression of lower quality photos. You can upload your images in original quality or in storage mode, but both options use your Google account’s free storage limit of 15 GB. word-image-4195

Is economical storage synonymous with high quality?

Yes, absolutely. The quality of photos and videos in Memory Saver mode remains the same as in the previously mentioned High Quality mode. Other than the name, Google has made no technical changes to the quality of Storage Saver backups. If you select Storage Saver, your photos will be compressed and reduced to 16 megapixels, and videos with a resolution higher than 1080p will be reduced to 1080p. Although photos taken at the space saver level use less space than photos taken at the original quality level, they still count towards your storage limit. All current high quality or backup photos taken before 1. However, the month of June 2021 will not be counted towards the quota and can still be booked for free. Images uploaded after this date will take up storage space in your Google Account.

Reduce memory space with the View and Delete tool

Google has released a new view and delete utility that lets you identify and remove blurry photos, screenshots, and large photos and videos from your photo library. All photos and videos stored in your Google Account storage are displayed when you select one of these options. word-image-4196 You can select the photos and videos you no longer want to store in Google Photos Cloud and delete them from your account to free up storage space later.

What happens when downloading in high quality on non-Google phones?

  • All your photos in high quality and original quality taken after the 1st day. In June 2021, the 15GB limit on your Google account will be free if you use a non-Google smartphone. While original quality photos have always counted towards the Google Account storage quota, the account now counts high quality and express quality photos as well. All your High and Express photos taken before 1. However, storage backed up before June 2021 will remain free and will not count against your Google Account storage quota. Check out these tips to see what photos and backups are included in your Google account’s storage quota:

Before and after photos and videos 1. June 2021 will take up storage space in your Google Account.

  • Photos and videos taken for 1. June 2021 is NOT counted in your Google account storage.
  • High quality backups (Storage Saver) after 1. June 2021 will be deducted from your Google account storage.

For all users of non-Google phones, both Android and iOS, the above rules apply. This means that if you have a phone from Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Huawei, or another manufacturer, your photos will count towards your Google Account storage even if they are stored under the new storage level. Google says it will continue to warn users who are approaching the 15GB limit and offers this tool to show you an estimate of how long your current storage is and how much storage is unused. If that doesn’t put your mind at ease, you can use the show and remove tool described above.

I have XGB of photos stored. Does this count towards the 15GB limit?

Yes and no. If you use this tool to check your current Google Photos storage space, you can see how much storage space your photos and videos are taking up. Let’s say Google Photos is currently taking up 3 GB of your 15 GB of Google storage space. These 3 GB are occupied by photos and videos that are not compressed to High Quality (to save storage space) or Express Quality, but are recorded in original quality. All your photos and videos in the High Quality category (memory saving) are lost in this 3GB memory. In addition, you can get up to 1. June 2021 downloads high-quality items to store as many photos and movies as possible without them counting against your storage limit. Google will not be able to do this until the 1st. June 2021 to begin counting freshly downloaded content of every quality in your account storage. Yes, the XGB of photos and movies already taking up space in your Google account still count towards the 15GB limit. But no, all other High Quality and Express files created before 1. June 2021 is stored there for free and takes up none of the 15 GB.

How much free storage do you get for your Google Pixel?

word-image-10739 We’ve already ruled out free or unlimited backups for non-Google smartphones, but what about backups if you own a Google Pixel device? Until the Pixel 5 is released, all Google Pixel phones offer free, unlimited storage for photos and videos saved directly from the phone. The quality and speed of saving depends on the pixel device you have.

Pixel 3a/XL, Pixel 4/XL, Pixel 4A/5G and Pixel 5

  • Unlimited free downloads in high quality (memory saving).
  • Content stored in original quality is considered for storage.

Pixel 3/XL

  • Unlimited free download of photos in original quality until 31. January 2022, and existing photos remain in their original quality forever.
  • After 31 years. In January 2022, you will be able to save photos and videos in high quality for free (Storage Saver).
  • After 31 years. In January 2022, the original quality backups will be published in the Google Account Vault.

Pixel 2/XL

  • Unlimited free download of photos in original quality up to the age of 16. January 2021, and existing photos will remain in their original quality forever.
  • After the 16th. In January 2021, you will be able to store high quality photos and videos for free (Storage Saver).
  • After the 16th. January 2021, original quality backups will take up storage space in your Google account.


  • Unlimited and forever free download in original quality.
  • High quality downloading is not possible.

Can we expect free, unlimited high-quality downloads on future Pixels?

The unlimited free high-quality downloads (or original quality for some Pixel models) offered on the latest Pixel phones don’t mean you have to buy the next generation of Pixel phones, which may arrive later this year. Google previously told The Verge that future Pixels will not include unlimited free photo storage. So the only way to continue enjoying free, unlimited, high-quality downloads is to buy a Pixel 5 or a device that already supports free downloads before. That’s all you need to know about Google Photos Storage Saver and the changes it makes to your smartphone’s high-quality downloads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What quality does Google Photos save?

Google Photos will soon allow users to choose between two quality settings when they upload their pictures. One setting will allow them to upload their photos at the highest quality possible, while the other will ensure that the pictures are saved at a smaller file size that is more suitable for cloud storage. What is the difference between the two options? How will they affect the quality of the pictures you take? And which should you choose? The Google Photos app saves all your pictures in high-quality, but you can choose to reduce the file size to save storage space. However, you can’t set a specific quality level for each picture you take. Instead, the Google Photos app decides which quality to use. Most of the time, the app selects high-quality, but if you’ve taken a lot of photos in a short amount of time, it will automatically reduce the quality of your pictures.

What is high quality in Google Photos?

Google Photos offers users a wide variety of different levels of storage quality when it comes to photo backups. The highest quality, backup space saving option is known as High Quality, or HQ, which uses a compression algorithm that makes the file sizes smaller than the original picture. However, this process also lowers the quality of the file, which can be noticeable when users view their photos at high resolutions, such as on a high definition television. The main and most important options in Google Photos are the option of standard or high quality , You can see that having different qualities of photos is important, as it controls the size of photos.

Is Google Photos unlimited storage?

The Google Photos Storage Saver is a new feature released on Google Photos that allows you to prioritize the speed of your photo uploads over the amount of storage used. This means that if you really want to upload a massive amount of photos and videos, you can stay at the high quality setting while still getting your images into your Google Drive storage for free. ![Screenshot showing blog intro from first task](images/blog_intro_from_first_task.png) ![Screenshot showing blog intro from second task](images/blog_intro_from_second_task.png) ![Screenshot showing blog intro from third task](images/blog_intro_from_third_task.png) ~~ Google’s recently launched Photos service comes with unlimited storage for photos and videos up to 16 megapixels. This has caught the attention of many photographers, so we’ll be taking a look at whether or not Google Photos can be considered an alternative to other cloud storage services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Flickr. We’ll also take a look at the photo quality options and how the service works for people with more complex needs.

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