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You just bought yourself a new graphics card, and you want to know which games to play on it. We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of the top 10 games for the new Nvidia GTX 1080.

There are many questions that have no definite answer, but one question that has been debated for a long time is whether PC gaming is better than console gaming. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages that can be argued, and which is better is often based on personal preference. There are a few different reasons why I think PC gaming is better than console gaming, but before I discuss those I want to define what I mean by PC gaming and console gaming.

The battle between Facebook and Instagram is still not over, and that’s especially true when it comes to social media advertising. Marketers don’t know which platform to work with to get the best ROI, and when you consider the power and reach of influencers on social media, it really gets interesting.

The most effective way to use social media channels today is through digital businesses. Facebook and Instagram are two of the newest social media sites that allow both individuals and businesses to increase their interaction with consumers. Instagram is gaining more and more followers than Facebook because of its excellent features.

With the rise of social media like IG and FB, it’s now a universal battle for fame, success and viral spread. For these and many other reasons, all types of platform users strive to get more subscribers, regardless of cost.

Speaking of social media and user awareness, have you thought about which social media platform best fits your business goals? The best part is that no matter what platform you prefer or even what industry you’re in, there are more than enough options in each.

The good news is: Whichever platform you prefer, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find the most profitable reasons to use these platforms to grow any business and create meaningful customer experiences.

Social Platform byAlgorithms

When looking at Instagram and Facebook side by side, the first thing to look at is each platform’s algorithm and what makes some content get found and ranked better than others. Below is a brief description of each device.

Instagram’s algorithm

  1. You can see how many hearts are on each post.
  2. Messages that match the user’s gender
  3. Attractive accounts are ranked higher in the user feed.
  4. The most recent posts get a higher rating.
  5. Profile required. Accounts that are searched for regularly are ranked higher.
  6. Direct Mail. Messages shared directly by users will be ranked higher, and from those who receive messages shared by users, the messages will be amplified.
  7. Time spent on the job. Real human attention to the message (no scrolling).

Facebook’s algorithm

  1. A person who knows the user personally is ranked higher than brands. This is important because it means that brand messages are downgraded.
  2. Over time, the number of likes, comments and shares the post receives.
  3. Articles with visual images will rank higher, while articles with only text will not.
  4. Posts that actively ask for views, downloads, ratings, votes or tags will receive a lower rating.
  5. Promotional Contributions. Posts that try to persuade people to buy a brand or enter a contest will be deleted. In addition, Facebook compares the text to established ads and minimizes unofficial ads.

Marketing techniques for Facebook and Instagram

Like all websites and platforms on the internet, many are similar in concept, but offer different marketing tactics. Even though Instagram is owned by Facebook, there are still many differences between paid and organic advertising on each social media platform.

Organic reach on Facebook

Well, to the detriment of advertisers and small businesses, Facebook’s organic presence doesn’t exist or isn’t as it was defined in the early days.

But even as organic reach declines, Facebook remains one of the best ways to publish content while building a strong message and brand. This is often done through fan pages and paid ads, which offer great demographic targeting opportunities.

Organic reach of Instagram

Instagram has a larger organic presence than Facebook and leans heavily on #tags and interaction. According to the experiences of most Instagram users posted in various public forums, organic reach increases significantly until an Instagram account gains 500-1K+ followers.

Instagram encourages engagement and response from both parties through high-quality images and videos. Instagram users spend 45% more time there than on Facebook, which has a higher percentage of female users.

And if you’re in the business of creating video content or advertising, consider your options on YouTube as well. Once you’ve found a successful ad copy that works consistently on Facebook and Instagram, you should replicate that campaign on YouTube as well. To learn more about the differences and similarities between YouTube and Instagram, be sure to check out the advertising pages of both sites.

Influential persons

Instagram social media is another must-have reality for businesses these days! This platform is better for digital sales, engagement and brand awareness. On the other hand, influencers’ support for your business can put you in the spotlight.

Facebook is trying to focus on personal experiences and sharing with the people you meet. The result: 40% of Facebook users don’t like interacting with companies and want a more personal interaction.

Facebook tends to be the best forum on both sides to reach older demographics, provided paid ads are used. It’s also worth noting that Facebook makes it easy to direct people to third-party websites, such as. B. an online store.

In addition to the ban on sharing links in posts and comments, external links can only be placed in your bio; again, the extra steps required to access your account make it difficult to place ads.


Although Facebook and Instagram are two of the most well-known and successful social media platforms of our time, the way audiences interact with content can differ. Facebook is more community and text oriented, while Instagram is more photo and video oriented.

Facebook should not replace Instagram, and Instagram should not replace Facebook, and the two should not be confused. The savvy businessperson should consider which social network is best for their system, taking into account demographics, content, niche and priorities. And if you take the time and effort to do some research, you will discover that many people have become successful and famous because of these two social platforms.

No matter which social platform you prefer, all audiences are different. This means you need to engage your audience on both platforms. So make sure your content is always original and adds maximum value.

If you follow these effective methods and still have a solid social media marketing strategy, there’s no reason why you can’t be successful on Instagram and Facebook in the days, months and years to come.

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