Windows 10 Build 21354 is out to Dev channel Insiders

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Release 21354 for Insiders in the Dev channel. This is a major update to the new branch, co_release (Cobalt release), which is part of Windows 10 release 21H2. The main changes are new personalization options for messages and interests, new display settings such as. B. Improved screen brightness controls and new camera options. In addition, MSPaint and the compression tool now receive updates from the Microsoft Store, as well as a number of other changes.

What’s new in building 21354?

Messages and interests in the taskbar

  • A new Manage Interests button appears at the top of the Messages and Interests window. Clicking on it will open a new page where you can select the topics that interest you.

  • The settings are open in the browser. You can define topics and select the editors you want to see appear in the pop-up window.
  • There is also a feature to customize your feed available on the left side of the navigation on the My Interests page. This makes it easy to find and follow publishers in the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem and select the articles that interest you.
  • You can also customize your News Feed based on your location. Click on the X at the top right of the card to remove the product and give your opinion: They’re not interested in the story, don’t like the source, or report a problem.

This new personalisation experience is now available in several markets, including the US, UK, Canada, India and Australia, and the global rollout continues.

Display parameters

You can now disable adaptive brightness control for content (ACBC). CABC improves the performance of a PC battery, but with the disadvantage of lower image quality. This can lead to annoying changes in brightness that disrupt, for example, experiments where image quality is important. For example, by creative professionals who appreciate the precision of the colours. There was a lot of demand for the ability to disable CABC, and now Windows Insiders can disable CABC directly in the display settings via Settings > System > Display.

Camera settings pg.

This page allows you to manage cameras from the Settings application, whether they are directly connected to a device (such as a webcam) or are ONVIF IP cameras on your local network.

This new settings page can be found under Settings > Devices > Camera. Each camera has a Configure button that allows you to change the default brightness and contrast. This way, you can get rid of the annoying backlight that always darkens your face during video calls. Depending on the features supported by your camera, you can adjust brightness and contrast, enable video HDR or eye contact, or correct camera rotation.

Optional Inbox app now receives updates from Microsoft Store

  • MS Paint is now receiving updates from the Microsoft Store.
  • The compression tool can now be updated through the Microsoft Store outside of major operating system updates. It’s bundled with Snip & Sketch, so we can offer updates for both at the same time.

Start menu improvement

The Windows Accessories, Windows Administrative Tools, Windows PowerShell, and Windows System folders have now been removed from the Start folder, and applications in these folders are now accessible through the Windows Tools folder, which links to the full list of applications in File Explorer. As part of this work, the file explorer was also moved to its place in the Start menu.

Changes and improvements

  • As we mentioned earlier, Microsoft has enabled the ability to disable the Open on Hover option in the News and Pinterest taskbar options. This is based on your comments.
  • The default path for accessing Linux files from Windows using the Windows Subsystem for Linux has been changed from wsl to wsl.localhost to improve performance and reliability. You can still open Linux files with wsl$.
  • Under Settings > Update & Security > Change Operating Hours you will find a button to automatically adjust the operating hours of this device based on activity if you have never set this feature. Microsoft is starting to roll out a change for Insiders that will enable this setting by default. If this setting is enabled, Windows Update can more accurately schedule automatic restarts when you are not normally using the device.
  • Starting with the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, all pinned websites (regardless of the version you were using when you pinned them) should now use the taskbar behavior described here, without the need to first unpin and re-attach the website.
  • On ARM64 devices, you can now switch compatibility settings for x64 applications.
  • Under Settings > Personalization > Device usage, you can select all the ways you can use your device for customizable tips, tools, and services.


  • Games] Fixed an issue where some games could freeze, saved data was not synced when playing a game on another device, or was not saved when installing a new game.
  • File Explorer] Fixed bug that caused all folders associated with DeepL access in File Explorer to disappear when installing version 21343. Note that this solution prevents the problem from repeating. If you have already installed the relevant version, versions not yet put to sleep will not be returned.
  • File Explorer] Fixed an issue where some Insiders were missing the full access folder section DeepL after installing the previous Flight.
  • Fixed a problem that affected the reliability of the previous flight search.
  • News and interests] Fixed an issue where news and interests could overlap other content in the taskbar, especially on small screens.
  • Fixed bug where the tooltip text for menu items in the Start button was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when logging into WinPE and trying to activate the announcer with WIN + CTRL + Enter.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a validation error with SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED for some insiders when the previous flight was restarted or stopped.
  • Fixed bug that could cause an error when starting the WSL.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Windows Updates settings page to display progress points, but not load them.
  • Fixed an issue where the panel would freeze when you went to power on/off and standby in the settings panel.
  • Fixed an issue where a random switch that did nothing was displayed in Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen.
  • Fixed a bug where some Insiders were recently getting an error message when trying to add a password to a local account that was created without a password.
  • Fixed an issue where the settings page would unexpectedly go blank when accessing IME pinyin settings via the search function.
  • Fixed an issue where the desktop background could turn black after clicking on the application on the side of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where some text was not displaying correctly in the clipping tool.
  • Fixed bug where the handwriting input field did not work with pen input on ARM64 computers.
  • Fixed an issue that was affecting the reliability of the clipboard history.
  • Fixed bug that caused characters to display twice in some applications when typing with the Korean IME.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the insertion of sentence lines when typing with IME after copying and pasting a text box in PowerPoint.
  • Fixed bug that caused key events to be lost when renaming files in File Explorer while typing in IME.
  • Fixed an issue where when entering with Japanese or Chinese IMEs in some applications with a separate user interface for IME candidates, the IME candidates were not displayed in the application user interface.
  • The fix for an issue where a switch button on the touchpad had the wrong background color, mentioned in release 21327, now applies to all Insiders in the Dev channel.
  • Fixed a bug that increased the connection time on the last flight.
  • Fixed a bug where some insiders had a longer load time than the previous flight.
  • Fixed an issue where the network button on the login screen was not working and could cause a glitch.
  • Fixed a bug where some connections would freeze on a black screen. If you continue to experience a similar problem, please send a new report to the Feedback Hub.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed videos to freeze when viewed in Chromium-based browsers in recent versions of the Dev channel.

Known issues

  • Microsoft is investigating reports that the update process gets stuck for a long time when installing a new version.
  • News and Interests] If you press ESC to clear the popup menu opened in a popup window, the entire popup window will be cleared instead.
  • News and interests] Sometimes news and interests can’t be kept out of a pen.
  • ARM64] Insiders who have an early version of the Qualcomm Adreno graphics driver installed on the Surface Pro X may see reduced screen brightness. This issue has been resolved with the updated version of the graphics preview driver at If you are experiencing this problem, check out the collection of testimonials for more information.
  • Microsoft is currently investigating an issue that causes search items (including the file explorer search field) to no longer display properly in a dark design.
  • Microsoft is working on a fix for an issue that occurred during an earlier theft that affected WSUS users, where the Check Online option for Microsoft Update was grayed out. If you are concerned, you can run the following command from a command prompt to set the registry key so that the scan checks for Microsoft servers:
    • reg add HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsdateUXSettings /f /v ScanMicrosoftOnly /t REG_DWORD /d 0x01

Then click the Check for updates regularly button in the Windows Update settings. Note that you must add the registry key to each new scan, as the scan reads and deletes the key.

  • Due to an issue with moving shortcuts to a new location in Windows Extra, the computer name is displayed on this PC. Microsoft has already scheduled a bug fix to fix this problem.
  • Some non-administrative applications, such as 3D Viewer and Print 3D, that were previously in the Windows Accessories folder are now in Windows Tools. These shortcuts have been moved back to the Start menu thanks to a bug fix. At the same time, they are still viewable with Windows tools.
  • The Windows Camera application does not currently respect the default brightness settings in the new camera settings page.
  • Some cameras may not support the setting in the Camera Setup application if the camera is also used by another application.
  • Access to the virtual GPU is not possible for Windows and Linux guests. Adding vGPUs to the VM has no effect and the VM continues to run with software rendering.

If you have set your device to receive updates through the device/quick dial channel, open Settings – > Update & Recovery and right tap Check for updates. Allows you to install the latest available version of Windows 10 Insider Preview.

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